TVB Xing He 2012 April Highlighted Programmes

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Applause Museum: The Superlative Affections

Premieres 2 Apr Mon-Fri 6:00-7:00pm / Next day re-run 0:00-1:00am; 6:00-7:00am & 12:00-1:00noon

HOI(Lui Fong), SUET, CHUEN(Sean Lau) are the only three left in the family. HOI is wrongly sentenced to prison but luckily, he is saved by LAI, a rich merchant. Soon after, LAI’s business runs into trouble and he kills himself. To return LAI’s favor, HOI flees away with the desperate HOs to Macau. LAI’s daughter BO (Kathy Chau) is impressed by his move. Meanwhile, HOI’s girlfriend, MEI, is unfaithful to HOI and runs away with HOI’s brother CHUEN. HOI does not abandon himself and works even harder and becomes a famous entrepreneur under the support of BO. While HOI has climbed up to the climax of career, war suddenly breaks out…

Cast: Sean Lau, Kathy Chow, Lui Fong

Applause Museum: Qiu Jin: A Women to Remember

Premieres 30 Apr Mon-Fri 6:00-7:00pm / Next day re-run 0:00-1:00am; 6:00-7:00am & 12:00-1:00noon

QIU JIN (Lisa Wang), a brave and ambitious woman, devotes her whole life in the revolution of China. Unlike other woman in her time, JIN has her education in school, and marries WANG TING JUN (Tse Yin) with her free will. With her ambition to modernize and save China, she devotes herself in the revolution with other social activists such as Sun Zhong Shan, and Xu Xi Lin. After divorced with JUN, she met her second love JIN YI ZHI (Lau Kong) in Japan. However, the Man tribe blood of ZHI shocked JIN. What will she choose between her love and ambition?

Cast: Lisa Wang, Tse Yin, Lau Kong

Passion Under the Sky: Love Bond

Premieres 17 Apr Mon-Fri 9:00-9:55pm / Next day re-run 1:00-2:00am; 9:00-10:00am & 3:00-4:00

LAM YAT KONG (Michael Dao) has brought up his brothers and sisters since the deaths of their parents, but he has been remorseful for his third brother HO’s lost. Years later, KONG finally finds HO (Moses Chan) and the LAM family reunites again. However, KONG and HO both fall in love with KEI HOI SUM (Kenix Kwok), and KONG chooses to withdraw this love triangle. Most unfortunately, KONG’s ex-girlfriend CHEUNG PIK FUN (Anne Heung) comes back with hope to make up with him again…

Casts: Michael Dao, Kenix Kwok, Moses Chan

We are Family: Moments of Endearment

Premieres 16 Apr Mon-Fri 8:00-8:55pm / Next day re-run 2:00-3:00am; 8:00-9:00am & 2:00-3:00pm

WAI (Chun Pui), loves his only daughter YEE (Miriam Yeung), very much, but his worries about YEE’s love relation always get them into quarrel. WAI’s partner CHUNG (Nick Cheung) helps to settle their dispute, and unexpectedly falls in love with YEE. However, when CHUNG joins another team, he becomes enemy of WAI. Meanwhile, WAI falls in love with his boss NAM (So Yuk Wah), but he is upset by the unfriendliness of NAM’s father, and regrets for his poor attitude to CHUNG before……

Cast: Miriam Yeung, Nick Cheung, Chun Pui

Xing He Drama Fan Club: On The Track Or Off

Premieres 12 Apr Mon-Fri 7:00-8:00pm / Next day re-run 3:00-4:00am; 7:00-8:00am & 1:00-2:00pm

YUEN (Steven Ma) has studied hard on horses and made it his ambition to be a horse trainer since he was a child. It is not easy to achieve his wishes and he experiences joy and sadness as he pursues his goal. On the pursuit of love, YUEN is trap between two sisters WINTON (Chiu Hok Yee) and WINGIE (Ada Choi). Will he give up or conquer the challenges? On the other hand, WINGIE works in a comic company but she does not enjoy her job at all. She has given up her own dreams for her family. She also holds back in love for her sister’s sake. When will she act for her own sake?

Cast: Steven Ma, Ada Choi, Chiu Hok Yee

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