加拿大 Canada

2015.04.14 @ Canada

新時代電視 Fairchild Television
提供TVB精彩的粵語及普通話節目予加拿大收費電視新時代電視,約有超過60萬收看戶。2013年底推出的FTV2高清台,除了提供優質的高清畫面外, 黃金時段兩檔劇集更與香港翡翠台當天同步播放,讓加拿大觀眾能夠第一時間欣賞TVB,深受當地華人追捧, 收視戶與日俱增。

Fairchild Television delivers a wide selection of TVB programmes in both Cantonese and Mandarin with around 600,000 household subscriptions. To improve the quality of service, HD channel FTV2 was launched with synchronization feature in 2013. Simulcast with Hong Kong’s TVB, audiences are able to enjoy TVB dramas at the same broadcasting day as Hongkongers do.