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2015.04.15 @ Cross-Media Business


TVBI has been playing an active role in developing internet operations in recent years. Internet users in the Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore can now enjoy the productions of TVB and TVBS via VOD. In addition, TVBI continues the strategy to widen its coverage in new media markets, including IPTV, Digital TV and Mobile TV, providing audiences a fast and easy access to enjoy TVB programmes.

網絡電視 / 數字電視 IPTV / Digital TV
TVBI以點播方式,將TVB的精彩內容提供給不同地區的平台,例如中國內地百視通公司及華數傳媒網絡有限公司、馬來西亞Astro TM Net 平台、新加坡StarHub VOD平台、台灣中華電信、美國Hulu 及UTV、加拿大Bell及Tellus等。在中國內地,TVB劇集的點擊率更穩佔高位,成績令人鼓舞!
TVBI supplies content to a number of platforms in different regions. Audiences of BesTV, Wasu (mainland China), Astro TM Net (Malaysia), StarHub VOD (Singapore), Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan), Hulu, UTV, GekTV (USA) and Bell, Tellus, Rogers (Canada) can now enjoy a wide variety of quality TVB programmes through on-demand services. In the Mainland China, we are encouraged by the viewership of TVB dramas which continues to keep its leading position in the market.

3G手機及其他 3G Phone and Others
In collaboration with telecommunication service operators in Hong Kong, the Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, TVBI provides an on-demand access for 3G mobile users to view TVB programmes and useful information, as well as the enjoyment of TVB artistes picture download, online games and forum.