馬來西亞 Malaysia

2015.04.14 @ Malaysia


TVBI cooperates with its long-term partner Astro by offering a variety of TVB productions to Wah Lai Toi as well as first-run TVB Jade dramas to Astro-On-Demand (AOD).

Astro華麗台 Astro Wah Lai Toi
Astro華麗台HD Astro Wah Lai Toi HD

Deliver a spectrum of TVB productions in HD, attracting over 450,000 households in Malaysia and Brunei.

Astro劇集首映 Astro On Demand
Astro On Demand (HD)

Simulcast with Hong Kong’s TVB, Malaysian audiences can enjoy the first-run TVB dramas in HD anytime.

無綫娛樂新聞台 TVB Entertainment News

First-hand e-news and trendy info in Cantonese simulcast with Hong Kong’s TVB. The channel aims to provide a new pleasure experience to all Malaysian viewers.

無綫經典台 TVB Classic

Everlasting scenes, eternal fames, immortal beloved…a selection of classic dramas broadcast 24 hours daily in Cantonese.