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2017.04.25 @ OTT Service

全新一代TVB Anywhere以國際電子「購物商場」為概念,透過機頂盒及流動應用程式提供比一般OTT或視頻串流平台更多的服務,改變世界各地觀眾收看無綫電視劇集和其他節目的方法。此購物商場提供多條廣受歡迎的頻道,更設有多達八萬小時的劇集及綜藝視頻點播,源源不絕地為觀眾奉上世界各地各式各樣的節目。購物商場實行「密密睇,密密賞」,觀眾在收看精彩節目的同時,亦會累積積分,積分可用以換取點播節目,使觀眾可以建立一個專屬自己的劇集片庫。積分亦可送予同一或不同地域的親友,就如於國際禮品商店選購節目贈送世界各地的親友一樣,齊齊「隨時隨地,想睇就睇」,共同欣賞好節目!

TVB Anywhere, the newly launched international electronic shopping mall, which offers them more than the usual OTT or video streaming service and sets to change the way people around the world watch TVB dramas and other programmes. TVB Anywhere carries popular TVB channels that cater to the needs of audience worldwide. In addition, there will be a bonus point scheme and an international gift store. Viewers can accumulate bonus points as they watch and use the points to redeem VOD titles free of charge. Users worldwide can purchase a TV programme from the shopping mall as a gift to relatives or friends anytime, anywhere.

Popular TVB channels include:

翡翠台 TVB Jade

特別為海外觀眾而設的粵語重點頻道翡翠台(TVB Jade),每天與香港同步播放最新TVB劇集及處境喜劇,提供最精彩綜藝、時事節目,節目越趨多元,緊貼香港精彩電視娛樂,同時亦為海外觀眾提供五大時區,包括香港亞洲時區、北美東時區、北美西時區、英國及歐洲時區及中東時區,體貼觀眾需要。

TVB Jade - the flagship channel of TVB - airs the latest TVB primetime dramas and sitcoms same time as Hong Kong, offering the best variety and current affairs programmes as well as the best in entertainment from Hong Kong. To cater to the needs of overseas audience, the channel also provides five time-zones, including Hong Kong Asia, North America East, North America West, UK & Europe, and Middle East.



A 24-hour news channel reporting up-to-the-minute breaking news both locally and internationally as well as financial, sports and weather information.

娛樂新聞台 Entertainment News


Delivering the latest showbiz buzz from around the world, as well as exclusive interviews with the hottest local and international celebrities.

Asian Action Channel

全新重點頻道Asian Action Channel,搜羅了大量膾炙人口的功夫及武俠經典連續劇,尤其適合愛好動作片的觀眾朋友收看。

Asian Action Channel is a new channel for authentic Asian martial arts flicks from a huge library of well-known Kung Fu and Wuxia classic drama series.

TVB直播台 TVB Live Show


TVB Live Show live-broadcast TVB’s mega shows and award presentations.

TVB電台 TVB Radio


TVB Radio is a 24-hour music channel featuring a wide array of Cantonese, Mandarin pop music as well as golden oldies. Cover songs performed by popular singers and artistes will also be brought to our audience.