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電視及節目發行Telecast and Programme Licensing

2015.04.14 @ Telecast & Program Licensing


TVBI has been striving to expand its global business in both telecast and programme licensing since 1970s. Moving into the next decade, TVBI has already succeeded in expanding its markets from video rentals and sales to VCD & DVD distribution, which has earned wide scale appreciation from the Chinese communities. TVBI is all set to inject more innovation into its business during the 1990s, by collaborations with TV stations, licensed distributors and system operators in diverse formats. Today, with wide spreading footprints and coverage giving reception to the Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, North America, South America and Europe and so on, TVBI continues to broaden its boundaries to offer high-quality services to meet increased viewer demand.

新加坡 Singapore

2015.04.14 @ Singapore


TVBI has strongly collaborated with StarHub, a local cable TV operator, provided numerous channels to Singapore audiences. Other various media services including Video-On-Demand (VOD) and Mobile TV have successfully expanded the market base in Singapore.

娛家戲劇台 VV Drama

VV Drama delivers a variety of TVB dramas, attracting more than 120,000 households in Singapore.

翡翠衛星台 TVBJ

The unique Cantonese channel in the region, TVBJ has attracted over 60,000 households.

無綫娛樂新聞台 TVB Entertainment News

Extensive local and international showbiz information delivered in Cantonese and Mandarin. The all-inclusive channel aims to provide a new pleasure experience.

無綫經典台 TVB Classic

Everlasting scenes, eternal fames, immortal beloved…a selection of classic dramas broadcast 24 hours daily in Mandarin.

TVB Good Show

雲集中、韓、台、日綜藝娛樂節目,精選本地及各地演藝盛事、頒獎典禮。趣味性與話題性兼而有之的真人Show、超人氣的選秀節目都盡在TVB Good Show。
TVB Good Show features popular Asian variety from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. A collection of good shows including music concert, awards ceremony, reality show, talent show, controversial entertainment events will be brought to our audience.

無綫新聞台 TVBN

A 24-hour news channel from the precise and professional TVB news team, TVBN will report up-to-the-minute breaking news – both locally and from around the world – as well as in-depth analysis and trend on finance, global stock markets and economic issues.

神州新聞台 Mainland News

Mainland News Channel provides breaking news and information ranging from national issues to local affairs from the leading broadcasting companies in 10 major cities and provinces in China. The channel also presents special features and exclusive reports to keep viewers abreast of events in the Mainland China.

馬來西亞 Malaysia

2015.04.14 @ Malaysia


TVBI cooperates with its long-term partner Astro by offering a variety of TVB productions to Wah Lai Toi as well as first-run TVB Jade dramas to Astro-On-Demand (AOD).

Astro華麗台 Astro Wah Lai Toi
Astro華麗台HD Astro Wah Lai Toi HD

Deliver a spectrum of TVB productions in HD, attracting over 450,000 households in Malaysia and Brunei.

Astro劇集首映 Astro On Demand
Astro On Demand (HD)

Simulcast with Hong Kong’s TVB, Malaysian audiences can enjoy the first-run TVB dramas in HD anytime.

無綫娛樂新聞台 TVB Entertainment News

First-hand e-news and trendy info in Cantonese simulcast with Hong Kong’s TVB. The channel aims to provide a new pleasure experience to all Malaysian viewers.

無綫經典台 TVB Classic

Everlasting scenes, eternal fames, immortal beloved…a selection of classic dramas broadcast 24 hours daily in Cantonese.