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海外收費電視業務 Overseas Pay TV Business

2015.04.15 @ Overseas Pay TV Business


TVBI holds a leading position in its overseas markets. It operates Chinese-language pay TV channels, satellite TV stations, satellite TV services, cable TV services, IPTV services and Over The Top (OTT) TV services in the Australia, the UK, parts of Europe and US. We are the largest and most watched Chinese-language pay TV in the world. With state-of-the-art facilities and an advanced subscriber management system, programmes are transmitted to the countries. By organising large-scale promotional activities annually, our overseas platforms have established a friendly relationship with the local communities. Over the years, TVBI has also provided an effective and efficient one-stop service for channel landing to overseas markets.

澳洲 Australia

TVB Australia

由2000年開始經營收費電視服務,並透過全新一代TVB Anywhere為澳洲華人帶來全面革新的電視娛樂;另亦設有越南語頻道,為澳洲越南觀眾提供優質電視服務。TVB Australia每年舉辦多個精彩大型活動,均邀得多位香港紅星蒞臨支持,其中《澳洲TVB嘉年華》和《澳洲華裔小姐選舉》更是悉尼的城中盛事,引起觀眾熱話,廣受歡迎。

TVB Australia has been operating pay TV services since 2000, the brand new TVB Anywhere service is also available now offering Australian Chinese with comprehensive TV entertainment. Vietnamese Channels are also provided to Vietnamese audience. Every year, TVB Australia organizes many large-scale events, in which different Hong Kong artistes are invited. Among all, “TVB Australia Carnival” and “Miss Australia Chinese Pageant” are honourable to be two of the grandest and most popular events in Sydney.

英國及歐洲 UK & Europe

TVB Europe

TVB Europe服務覆蓋英國及歐洲40多個國家,現透過全新一代TVB Anywhere為歐洲華人帶來全面革新的電視娛樂。TVB Europe 亦聯合當地華人團體,舉辦各類大型活動。去年,TVB Europe 與英國的華人社團合作,邀請多位紅星參與「倫敦華埠慶中秋」活動,引起極大迴響,好評不絕。

TVB Europe offers service to over 40 European countries and the UK. We currently offer European Chinese the comprehensive TV entertainment by the brand new TVB Anywhere service. TVB Europe also cooperates with local Chinese communities to organize different events for audience. Last year, TVB Europe collaborated with the Chinese community of UK and invited Hong Kong artistes to participate in the Moon Fest, receiving support and positive responses.

美國 USA


TVBUSA於美國擁有超過30年經營收費電視服務的經驗,現提供9條粵語及普通話、1條越南語和1條附英語字幕的頻道。除了將這些電視頻道提供給美國主流的收費電視平台- DISH Network、Charter Spectrum、Time Warner Cable Spectrum、 Xfinity from Comcast、AT&T U-verse及Verizon FiOS外,TVBUSA 亦積極推廣新媒體平台,務求令全美的觀眾均能隨時隨地觀看TVB的節目。

TVBUSA has over 30 years of experience in operating pay TV services, offering 9 Chinese-language TV channels, 1 Vietnamese channel and a channel with English subtitles. Besides the distribution via mainstream TV Platforms such as DISH Network, Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable Spectrum, Xfinity from Comcast, AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOS, TVBUSA is also expanding its reach onto the New Media platforms, in hopes of providing US viewers the access to watch TVB programmes anytime and anywhere.

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