TVB Xing He 2012 Mar Programme Highlight

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Unveiling Intrigues: Net Deception

Premieres 5 Mar Mon-Fri 10:00-11:00pm / Re-run 10:00-11:00pm, 4:00-5:00pm

Computer whizzkid YIU SHING TIN (Wong He) is a talented cyber-criminal, but his only weakness is his inability to handle relationships, especially with his half sister KONG KIN YEE (Myolie Wu). TONG KA MING (Wu Lok Yin) is a police trainee. He is asked to be an undercover agent in TIN’s computer software company. TIN is aware of the police’s plan, so he decides to make MING to be an expert hacker. YEE discovers TIN‘s crime and MING’s real identity, so she is struggling and begin to doubt Ming’s love…

Cast: Wong He, Myolie Wu, Wu Lok Yin

Xing He Drama Fan Club: The Master of Tai Chi

Premieres 8 Mar Mon-Fri 7:00-8:00pm / Re-run 7:00-8:00am, 7:00-8:00pm

MO MA (Zhao Wen Zhuo) is rose by a Tai Chi mentor, in order to express gratitude to his mentor, he determines to pursue the highest level of Tai Chi. After his failure to win TUEN HIU-SING (Raymond Lam), the leader of Chong Lung Sect, to beat SING then becomes his only goal of life. After that, they fight again and again because of a girl called YIN CHI-KWAI (Myolie Wu) and the martial arts master LUI YAU-NGO MA. Meanwhile, MA’s dream in martial arts is separating him and his soul-mate SONG CHING (Melissa Ng)…

Cast: Zhao Wen Zhuo, Raymond Lam, Melissa Ng, Myolie Wu

We are Family: A Handful of Love

Premieres 9 Mar Mon-Fri 8:00-9:00pm / Re-run 8:00-9:00am, 2:00-3:00pm

YUEN (Joe Ma) falls in love and marries TING (Jessica Hester Hsuan) in a flash.  Unfortunately, before they can adjust to the newlywed life, they suddenly become “parents” of five nephews and nieces, YAN, YEE, LAI, CHI and SHUN. Although they have different opinions in parenting, they always manage to solve any problems with their love. However, the children divert their anger to YUEN and TING and run away from home after they discover the secret of their father’s death. Meanwhile, the marriage of YUEN and TING is in a crisis. Will they have to face another major ‘home’ change?

Cast: Jessica Hester Hsuan, Joe Ma

Passion under the Sky: A Journey Called Life

Premieres 20 Mar Mon-Fri 9:00-10:00pm / Re-run 9:00-10:00am, 3:00-4:00pm

SZE KA KA (Chung Linda) meets SHING KAMSHEK (Cheng Jut Si), the owner of a stone factory, and his disciple SHING YAT ON (Steven Ma). ON is very impressed by KA, and they soon falling in love with each other. ON’s sister SHING MEI SUM’s (Fala Chen) always wishes to marry a rich man, so she choose to get abortion for her unexpected pregnancy. The family is bitterly disappointed in SUM. However, SUM does not repent her fault, and injures KA whom is pregnant by drunk driving…

Cast: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Cheng Jut Si, Fala Chen

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