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CNY Special : Square Pegs

Premieres 23 Jan Weekdays 8:00pm

SHAUN (KWOK CHUN ON), the only son of rich man, was injured seriously and loses all of his memories. CHUNG (RAYMOND CHO) was an orphan, but his live is changed and becomes the son of millionaire. Luckily, SHUAN is adopted by LIN (LO YUEN YEN), and marry with FANG (HSUAN JESSICA HESTER), the step-daughter of LIN’s friend. Simultaneously, SHUAN’s fiancée KWUN (WINNIE YOUNG YUEN YEE) realize there must be a secret behind SHUAN’s identity. Can CHUNG pretend to be SHAUN any longer? Will SHAUN meet his real father eventually?

Cast:Kwok Chun On, Hsuan Jessica Hester, Raymond Cho, Winnie Young Yuen Yee

Sunday Tornado: Wars of In-Laws II

Premieres 22 Jan Sundays 8:00pm

Magazine editor-in-chief KWO PIK (LIZA WANG) is an iron lady who would not accept losing in any aspects of life. While she is full of confidence in her son, KWO TAK’s (BOSCO WONG) future, an ordinary looking girl named CHOW LAI MAN (MYOLIE WU) has managed to marry TAK. MAN also resigns from the police force and chooses to work in her magazine, leading to even more conflicts between the in-laws.

Cast: Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong

Drama Expresso: The Gem of Life

Premieres 21 Jan Saturdays 6:00pm

PAK SIU YAU (LEE SZE KEE) believes that a good marriage is the greatest blessing for a woman, so she has put much effort in training up her 3 precious daughters. The eldest NGA YIN (SHIU MEI KI) does not agree with her mother, yet she dates KO CHEUNG SING (BOWIE LAM), a well-off man. Second daughter NGA TUNG (LAI CHI) does not have much luck with men; YAU then seeks to match her up with HO CHIT NAM (Moses Chan), the son of a business tycoon HO FUNG (YUEH HUA). Being the youngest daughter, NGA SZ (CHOI SIU FUN) decides to pin her hopes on FUNG. However, money does not really bring them happiness…….

Cast: Lee Sze Kee, Shiu Mei Ki, Lai Chi, Choi Siu Fun, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan

Applause Museum: The Reincarnated Princess

Premieres 12 Jan Weekdays 6:00pm

MIU SIN (ANGELINA CHIU) was the princess of the King of Hing Lam, MIU CHONG, but she decides to devote herself in Buddhism. WAN TIN LONG (YAM TAT WAH) plans to assassinate CHONG, but he falls for SIN at his first sight. To save Hing Lam people from hardships and tortures of KAM LUNG (TAM PING MAN) and YIK TO LUI (TAI CHI WAI), SIN determines to seek the white jade vase. LUNG and the Devilish Destroyer then decide to set hellfire in the city, and sent CHONG’s to the hell. Can MIU SIN save her people and father from suffering and pain?

Cast: Angelina Chiu, Yam Tat Wah, Sandra Ng, Tam Ping Man, Tai Chi Wai

Xing He Drama Fan Club: Gods of Honour

Premieres 12 Jan Weekdays 7:00pm

NAR JAR (BENNY CHAN) was killed by LEE CHING (YUEN WAH) in his previous life, unexpectedly; he is reincarnated to be the third son of CHING. CHING is scared of JAR and eventually sends him away. Meanwhile, to save people from the hardships, JAR decided to defeat Emperor ZHOU (TIMOTHY CHENG) and his mistress TANGIE (IRENE WAN). As Ching is the captain of Zhou’s army, CHING and JAR are inevitably to struggle in the dilemma of family, loyalty and justice….

Cast: Yuen Wah, Benny Chan, Irene Wan, Yuen King Dan

Passion under the Sky: In the Realm of Fancy

Premieres 24 Jan Weekdays 9:00pm

Yuen (KWONG WA) is fascinated by the power of Black Magic. One day, YUEN successfully release his spirit from his body, and is excited to travel around in paradise, but he has no idea that one day in paradise is equivalent to seven years in the world. During the days in protecting YUEN’s body, his fiancée WAN (SHIRLEY YEUNG) and his friend KAM (TERRY FAN) start to fall in love. Meanwhile, WAN’s father decides to marry WAN to CHUNG (MARCO NGAI). Who will be the destined love of Wan?

Cast: Kwong Wa, Shirley Yeung, Terry Fan, Marco Ngai

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