Telecast & Program Licensing

Telecast and Programme Licensing - Malaysia

2015.04.08 @ Malaysia


Wah Lai Toi

Wah Lai Toi shows a variety of TVB productions, managing to attract an audience of over 600,000 households in Malaysia and Brunei.

Simulcast with Hong Kong’s TVB programmes, Malaysian audiences can enjoy the premiere and the latest TVB dramas anytime.
TVB Entertainment News
Firsthand e-news and trendy info in Cantonese simulcast with Hong Kong’s TVB. The channel is aimed to provide a new pleasure experience to all Malaysian.
TVB Classic
Classic Channel provides a large scale of all-time TVB dramas which are selected from the 70s and 80s. Everlasting scenes, eternal fames, immortal beloved…a selection of classic dramas broadcast 24 hours daily in Cantonese.

Telecast and Programme Licensing - Singapore

2014.02.02 @ Singapore


VV Drama

VV Drama shows a variety of TVB dramas, attracting more than 160, 000 households in Singapore.


The unique Cantonese channel in the region, TVBJ has attracted over 60,000 households.

TVB Entertainment News

Extensive local and international showbiz information delivered in Cantonese and Mandarin. The all-inclusive channel aims to provide a new pleasure experience.

TVB Classic

Everlasting scenes, eternal fames, immortal beloved…a selection of classic dramas broadcast 24 hours daily in Mandarin.

TVB Lifestyle

Local celebrities and professionals serve to satisfy the needs of audience with the latest and trendy lifestyle ideas from all over the world.


A 24-hour news channel from the precise and professional TVB news team, TVBN will report up-to-the-minute breaking news – both locally and from around the world – as well as in-depth analysis and trend on finance, global stock markets and economic issues.

Mainland News

Mainland News Channel provides breaking news and information ranging from national issues to local affairs from these leading broadcasting companies in 10 major cities and provinces in China. The channel will also present special features and exclusive reports to keep viewers abreast of events on the mainland.

Telecast and Programme Licensing - South Korea

2013.05.08 @ South Korea


TVB Korea

Co-operated by TVB and Korea CMB, TVB Korea channel has reached approximately 10 million subscribers. In addition to broadcasting TVB programmes, the channel also helps organize local variety shows such as youth singing conest “Chin Chin Star Festival” which has enhanced the uniqueness of the channel.