New Drama

New Drama - Black Heart White Soul

2014.07.14 @ New Drama


Black Heart White Soul

Casting: Kwok Chun On, Kristal Tin, Ron Ng, Sheung Tin Ngor, Louis Cheung, Waise Lee, Jason Chan, Mat Yeung

Executive Producer: Wong Sum Wai  Scriptwriter: Lau Chi Wah

A robbery case subtly interweaves the fate of three strangers, a barrister in a wheelchair KO CHIT-HANG (Kwok Chun On), a Hong Kong girl TAM MEI-CHING (Kristal Tin) and District Crime Unit detective CHEUNG LAP-FAN (Ron Ng).


New Drama - Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain

2014.07.07 @ New Drama


Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain

Casting: Kenneth Ma, Pierre Ngo, Chan Kwok Bong, Selena Li, Lin Xia Wei, Raymond Cho, Lau Kong, Chiang Chi Kwong

Executive Producer: Law Wing Yin  Scriptwriter: Kwan Chung Ling

During the Northern Song Dynasty, Phecda Bureau led by FUNG NAM-TIN (Lau Kong) along with his elite group is in charge of all the mysterious criminal cases nationwide. more…

New Drama - Come Home Love

2012.05.24 @ New Drama


Come Home Love

Casting: Lau Tan, Tsui Wing, Lai Lok Yi, Lam Yi Kei, Florence Kwok, Ng Ka Lok, Angel Chiang, Joey Law

Executive Producer: Tsu Yu On Scriptwriter: Shiu Lai King

MA FU (Lau Tan) , Correctional Services officer, moves in with his sons after retirement. FU treats his family members like prisoners without himself realizing it. To MA CHONG (Lai Lok Yi), his youngest son, home is no different to prison.