New Drama

New Drama - Never Dance Alone

2014.04.22 @ New Drama


Never Dance Alone 

Casting: Carman Lee, Loletta Lee, Fennie Yuen, Flora Chan, Gloria Yip, Angie Cheong, Elvina Kong, Lawrence Ng

Executive Producer: Eric Tsang, Chan Wai Koon   Scriptwriter: Chan Suk Yin, Ma Ka Wai

MO SIU-SZE (Carman Lee) leads an ordinary married life with her husband WONG KWOK-LEUNG (Lawrence Cheng), and is often bullied by her ferocious mother-in-law WONG CHIU WING-MUI (Miu Kam Fung) for no reason.


New Drama - Swipe Tap Love

2014.03.31 @ New Drama


Swipe Tap Love

Casting: Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Eddie Kwan, Tony Hung, Kelly Fu, Elaine Yiu, Vincent Wong, Rebecca Chan

Executive Producer: Chan Yiu Chuen  Scriptwriter: Shek Hoi Ting

The year of 2009 seems very ordinary, but in fact marks a crucial moment when two melancholy souls pull themselves together and start anew.


New Drama - Ruse of Engagement

2014.03.28 @ New Drama


Ruse of Engagement

Casting: Ruco Chan, Ron Ng, Aimee Chan, Yoyo Mung, Louise Lee, Eddie Kwan, Wong Tak Bun, Lai Lok Yi

Executive Producer: Wong Sum Wai  Scriptwriter: Kar Wai Nam

Widow TONG SUK-FAN (Louise Lee) is saddled with hardship alone, struggling to bring up her two sons CHONG YAU-CHING (Ruco Chan) and CHONG YAU-KIT (Ron Ng).


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