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TVB8 2011 Oct Programme Highlight

2011.10.03 @ TVB8: What's News


Kung Fu Classics: Chu Toi Sheung Kiu

Premieres 31 Oct weekdays 8:00pm

When FUNG turned down the love of YUE, the leader of Yee Fa Sect, Yue then plants her revenge on FUNG’s (MIU KIU WAI) twins. When Fung and his wife died, YUE separates the twins. The elder, KUET (NG DAI RONG), is taught great martial arts under the Yee Fa Sect, while the younger, YI (TONY LEUNG), becomes a rascal in the Villains’ Valley. The twins cross path when they are ordered to search for a hidden treasure. Then the twins are forced into a duel, but they eventually find out about the truth and together they fight for their own future.

Casts: Tong Leung, Ng Dai Rong, Miu Kiu Wai, Lai Mei Han

Passion under the Sky: Life Art

Premieres 4 Oct weekdays 9:00pm

Repeating next day 9:00am & 3:00pm

Young IT specialist FONG CHI-CHUNG RYAN (CHENG, KEVIN) encounters the talented but handicapped illustrator YAM CHI-WAH (LAI CHI, GIGI). Later CHUNG finds out that WAH is the daughter of his art and calligraphy teacher YAM CHING-CHUEN (CHUN PUI, PAUL). CHUNG is obsessed with worldly fame and success, but then a mishap that befalls, has unexpectedly improved the relationship among CHUNG, WAH and CHUEN. Through the appreciation of Chinese paintings, it brings together the love of romance and the love for the family.

Casts: Kevin Cheng, Lai Chi, Chun Pui

Kung Fu Classic: The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils II

Premieres 3 Oct weekdays 8:00pm

Based on The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils I, this new series continues its story around the three blood brothers HSU CHU (WONG YAT WA) the monk, DUAN YU (TONG CHUN YIP), KUO FU (LEUNG KA YAN). CHU Coincidentally learns some mysterious Kung Fu, and becomes Kung Fu expert as well as a prince of SA HA kingdom. Together, the three also defeats the wicked WU YUNGS. The union of these three youngsters creates turbulence in this Kung Fu world.

Casts: Leung Ka Yan, Wong Yat Wa, Tong Chun Yip

Sunday Theatre: Simply Ordinary

Premieres 16 Oct Sundays 12:00noon

WING (LAM KA DONG) was an honest butcher, who had great butchering skills. He was very popular among his fellow villagers and was later nominated as the village headman. WING met MARY (LAU KAM LING) who came back from abroad, WING wanted to pursue her. But actually MARY wanted to use WING to help her father to smuggle national treasures to abroad. WING’s cousin TEI (KWOK HO YING) knew about this fraud and warned him. WING could not tell between truths and lies and was stuck between wealth, fame and love.

Casts: Lam Ka Dong, Lau Kam Ling, Kwok Ho Ying

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TVB8 2011年10月節目精選

2011.10.03 @ TVB8: What's News



10月2日 週日 晚上8:30

假期臨近,父母最頭痛的是怎樣為孩子預備一個充實的假期,家燕媽媽就為孩子們安排了一個精彩又有意義的節目。家燕媽媽將帶同來自香港、中國大陸及新加坡三地的青少年及兒童,聯同表演嘉賓李紫昕、王梓軒,以學習「孝道及品德」為主題,為全東南亞,以至全世界的華語觀眾帶來一場繽紛又有環保教育性的才藝秀。10月2日 週日 晚上8:30在TVB8,一同與家燕媽媽度過愉快歡樂的假期。




10月13日 每周四 晚上 9:00


擁抱真情世界 - 韓國篇

10月17日 每周一 晚上9:00

新一輯的《擁抱真情世界 - 韓國篇》將繼續帶您遊歷韓國的大城小鎮,尋找各式各樣的有趣見聞。從當地人的日常生活,名人異士的專訪,傳統節日到特色建築,一切大家聞所未聞的精彩內容,都盡在TVB8《擁抱真情世界 - 韓國篇》。


10月13日 每周四 晚上8:00


國慶煙花匯演 2011 (現場直播)

10月1日 週六     晚上9:00



10月1日 週六 晚上9:30

《巨星舞影耀香江》多年來雲集了不少世界級的舞林高手,絕對是舞迷們翹首而待的必看節目。除了由世界職業標準舞冠軍MIRKO & EDITA、世界職業拉丁舞冠軍RICCARDO & YULIA領銜演出外,節目還邀請了世界各地的舞壇新銳助陣,包括美國、澳洲、丹麥、意大利等國家比賽的冠軍代表,一同展現他們的迷人的舞姿。10月1日晚上10時30分,TVB8《巨星舞影耀香江》誠邀你一同在抑揚旋律和璀璨燈光之下翩翩起舞。


TVB8 2011 Sept Programme Highlight

2011.09.01 @ TVB8: What's News


The Golden Age of the Leftover Ladies

TX Time: Premieres 25 Sep Sundays 9:30pm

LIANG SHUANG (WANG LI KUN) and OU LE LE (LOUISE WONG) are both voguish working ladies. When their careers excel, its just becomes more difficult for them to find a man. And they become the Leftover Ladies.

But when these Leftover Ladies meet the tender psychologist LI HAO (CHAN KIN FUNG) and the low esteem LUI CHENG (LU YU LIN), miracles sparkle.

In confusion and anxiety these youngsters bravely search for love, but only after deep pain and extreme joy did these young men and women find their true love.

Casts: Wang Li Kun, Chan Kin Fung, Louise Wong, Lu Yu Lin, Wang Chuang Yi

Hennessy Paradis Imperial Presents: The Royal Party

TX Time: Premieres 5 Sep Weekdays 7:55pm, Saturday 8:00pm

At “The Royal Party”, Bernice Liu and Simon Yam will take us to see the yesterday and today of St. Petersburg, Russia. From its city landscapes, museums, Baroque architectures, to its food, spirits and the celebrations of the Russia Independence Day, we could get a glimpse of the abundance mystic of St. Petersburg.

Liu and Yam will also attend one of the Russian aristocratic dinners, to experience the traditional savors of Russia. A cognac expert will also appear to talk us through the knowledge about cognac tasting.

Chow Tai Fook Presents: Lost at the Bottom of the World

TX Time: Premieres 5 Sep Weekdays 8:30pm

Though separated by the Indian Ocean, Western Australia and South Africa both share a distinctive specialty of producing the best diamonds on earth. This trip of “Lost at the Bottom of the World”, Louisa So will share with us the memorable moments while touring around the two regions.

Goldin Properties Special: Polo. Legacy of Nobility

TX Time: Premieres 12 Sep Mondays 8:30pm

At the “Goldin Properties Special: Polo. Legacy of Nobility” our host Dang Chi Fung and Yau Hoi Man Anna would visit London, UK, St. Moritz, Switerland and Tian Jin, China to learn about the development of modern Polo. Along with the chairman of Hong Kong Polo Club, they will guide us to see the horses, equipment and all things needed in playing Polo.

Top on the Forbidden City

TX Time: Premieres 27 Sep Weekdays 10:00pm

QING TIAN (JR) has been learning traditional Chinese temple dance for many years, which has given him a solid foundation in dancing. QING TIAN coincidentally went into strife with the famous dancer TIAN XIE (GINO) of Royal Dance Group and was challenged to compete with TIAN XIE through dancing. QING TIAN was then discovered by coach MONICA and was invited to join Royal.

Royal is chosen to participate in the Babylon Dance Competition, while coach MONICA agrees to teach them the ultimate dance. QING TIAN and TIAN XIE would have to compete for the main role in the “Top on the Forbidden City” dance.

Casts: JR, GINO

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