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TVB Xing He 2012 Oct Programme Highlight

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Laughter Showers: Money Just Can’t Buy

Premieres 20 Oct Sat 6:00-10:25pm / Next day re-run 0:00-4:25am; 6:00-10:25am; 12:00noon-4:25pm

To win the bet of making an earthly man, CHAU (Kwok Tsun On), become a slave of fortune, the god of Fortune (Bobby Au Yeung) came down from Heaven and claimed to be CHAU’s uncle CHOI. However, his attempt to seduce CHAU never succeeded. Meanwhile, CHOI fell in love with a model TAK (Marian Chan) and lost all his magic power. To regain his power, will he betray his friend CHAU?

Cast: Kwok Tsun On, Bobby Au Yeung , Marian Chan


Xing He Drama Fan Club: Legend of the Demigods

Premieres 4 Oct Mon-Fri 7:00-8:00pm / Next day re-run 3:00-4:00am; 7:00-8:00am; 1:00-2:00pm

Cheerful young lady GAI CHOI-CHI (Linda Chung) is a demigod; SHEK KAM-DONG (Benny Chan) has an unusual physical strength; and AN HEI (Sunny Chan) is the master of swordplay. The three of them are determined to wipe out the Grand Wizard. With each of them having an extraordinary power, will they be able to make it and bring peace to human?

Cast: Linda Chung, Benny Chan, Sunny Chan


Passion under the Sky: Hard Fate

Premieres 1 Oct Mon-Fri 9:00-10:00pm / Next day re-run 1:00-2:00am; 9:00-10:00am; 3:00-4:00pm

YEE (Flora Chan) learns from her aunt TSAU that a pair of special jades – Cold Mountain and Virtue, will bring happy marriage to the bearer. Meanwhile, YEE discover the secret of her good friend MING’s (Kevin Cheng) girlfriend SZ (Niki Chow), which leaves her no choice but to break up with her fiancé YIN (Damian Lau). One day, YEE meets her aunt’s puppy lover, and senses that she is repeating her love tragedy……

Cast: Flora Chan, Kecin Cheng, Niki Chow, Damian Lau


Applause Museum: The Legend of Lady Chung

Premieres 15 Oct Mon-Fri 6:00-7:00pm / Next day re-run 0:00-1:00am; 6:00-7:00am; 12:00noon-1:00pm / Sun 12:00noon – 4:30pm

Lady CHUNG (DoDo Cheng) becomes the queen of Emperor CHAI (Lee Loon Kei) after she saves him in an accident. However, when Emperor finds out that CHUNG is born with a smeared face, he changes his mind to have beautiful Lady HA (Rebecca Chan) to be the West queen. When Lady HA knew that she and Lady CHUNG are destined to be enemy, she decides to take revenge and plans for a assassination……

Cast: DoDo Cheng, Rebecca Chan, Lee Loon Kei, Lo Hoi Pang


Applause Museum: The Saga of the Lost Kingdom

Premieres 29 Oct Mon-Fri 6:00-7:00pm / Next day re-run 0:00-1:00am; 6:00-7:00am; 12:00noon-1:00pm / Sun 12:00noon – 4:30pm

DAN (Kwok Tsun On), the prince of the Ching tribe, left his family after he meets a girl TAU (Tsang Wa Sin). Then, he makes friends with YU (Ng Dai Rong) and YUEN (Eddie Cheung) while he is travelling around,and falls in love with Madame Butterfly (Kathy Chau).When he becomes the King’s advisor, finds out that his father is planning to overthrow the King. DAN is shocked and hesitated which side should he choose……

Cast: Kwok Tsun On, Tsang Wa Sin, Ng Dai Rong, Eddie Cheung, Kathy Chau




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9月19日起 每周一至五 晚上10:00-11:00 / 翌日早上4:00-5:00、10:00-11:00及下午4:00-5:00重播


演員:歐陽震華, 林文龍, 鄭嘉穎, 蒙嘉慧, 佘詩曼, 鍾嘉欣



9月15日起 每周六 晚上6:00-10:25 / 翌日早上0:00-4:25、6:00-10:25及中午12:00-下午4:25重播





9月19日起 每周一至五 晚上8:00-9:00 / 翌日早上2:00-3:00、8:00-9:00及下午2:00-3:00重播





TVB Xing He 2012 Sep Programme Highlight

2012.08.28 @ TVB Xing He: What's News, What's News


Unveiling Intrigues: Forensic Heroes II

Premieres 19 Sep Mon-Fri 10:00-11:00pm / Next day re-run 4:00-5:00am; 10:00-11:00am; 4:00-5:00pm

Forensic writer KOO CHAK SUM’s (Lam Man Lung) fiancée LAM TING TING (Chung Linda) is killed in an explosion and Senior Chemist KO YIN POK’s (Au Yeung Chun Wah, Bobby) police girlfriend LEUNG SIU YAU (Mung Ka Wai, Yoyo) also loses the ability of holding a gun in the incident. YAU’s duties are passed to MA KWOK YING (Sheh Charmaine) from the Narcotics Bureau. Both SUM and bomb disposal expert YEUNG YAT SING (Cheng Kevin) find YING extremely charming with her smart and unfathomable characteristics in case handling. Integrated the laboratory techniques, logical reasoning and forensic knowledge, the trio strive to fight against crimes tremendously. As they get to know each other more and more, the entangled triangle of love also starts to hinder their working relationships…

Cast: Au Yeung Chun Wah, Bobby; Lam Man Lung; Kevin Cheng; Charmaine Sheh; Mung Ka Wai, Yoyo; Linda Chung


Laughter Showers: Old Time Buddy

Premieres 15 Sep Sat 6:00-10:25pm / Next day re-run 0:00-4:25am; 6:00-10:25am; 12:00noon-4:25pm

Bosom friends TSE YUEN (Ng Chun Yu) and LEE KI (Lo Ka Leung) try their luck in the show business together. But it turns out that only YUEN is destined to stardom. He is given the chance to costar with the two hottest actresses, SIU FONG FONG (Hsuan Jessica Hester) and CHAN PO CHU (Cheung Ho Yee). But ill-fate KI remains a nobody still. When the four young idols are still struggling amidst the labyrinth of fame and love, the era of black and white movie industry starts to find its way downhill… After thirty years under the silverlight, will time help YUEN, KI, FONG and CHU unravel their misunderstanding?

Cast: Ng Chun Yu, Lo Ka Leung, Hsuan Jessica Hester, Cheung Ho Yee


My Family

Premieres 19 Sep Mon-Fri 8:00-9:00pm / Next day re-run 2:00-3:00am; 8:00-9:00am; 2:00-3:00pm

When MAN TAI LOI’s (CHUNG KING FAI) eldest grandson FREEMAN (LAU HOI WAI, HAWICK) decides to become a singer, LOI is the only one who opposes it. He decides not to insist on his opinions and his son CHIU KIT (HA YU) is suddenly elevated to the head of the family. FREEMAN’s career is stalled and he and his younger brother RAY (Fong Lik Sun, Alex fall in love with the same girl MIKI MO (YEUNG SZE KI, SHIRLEY). Everyone’s life seems to be off track. Fortunately, grandpa is there to clear up the mess.

Cast: Chung King Fai, Ha Yu, Fong Lik Sun, Alex, Chan Sau Chu, Lau Hoi Wai, Hawick, Chan Yu Sum, Sam, Yeung Sze Ki, Shirley


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