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TVB Xing He 2011 Dec Programme Highlight

2011.12.19 @ TVB Xing He: What's News


Anniversary Special: Heart of Greed

Premieres 5 Dec Weekdays 10:00pm

A renowned dried seafood merchant, who owns a legacy of six hundred million dollars, has also kept some exquisite abalones as family heritage. Though holding on to many traditional values, each family member still watched closely on this huge heritage. There are those who manage to endure to the end, those who consider themselves superior to everyone else, those who love and respect their brothers, those who seek every opportunity to fulfill their ambition, those who stay loyal to their beloved, and those who remain grateful for whatever they get. But when hatred is stirred among the family, the destruction can be unimaginable.

Casts: Chan Ho, Wong Chung Chak, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Yeung Yi, Mung Ka Wai, Lee Sze Kee, Ha Yu

Sunday Theatre: A Tough Side of a Lady

Premieres 11 Dec Sundays 12:00noon

FA WU(LO KA YING), father of LAN(MARIANNE CHAN), was framed by the LONGS and was enlisted into the army. Since LAN’s brother, DAI (WAI KA HUNG) was weak and had to prepare for exams, LAN, therefore, decided to disguise as a man to joined the army.

LAN and SING(WONG HEI) were always teasing each other in the army. SING knew LAN was a girl and he helped her secretly whenever she was at risk. Meanwhile, the LONGS sent spies to put LAN into troubles. LAN, however, overcame the dangers and was bestowed by the Emperor.

Casts: Marianne Chan, Wong Hei, Lo Ka Ying, Gigi Fu

Natalie Tong Sunday Tornado: The Seventh Day

Premieres Sundays 8:00pm

WING (CHENG KA WING) and YAN (WONG CHUNG CHAK) are both born on the seventh day of August. On their birthday, they both first encounter their dream girl on the island. WING works as a lifeguard on the island, he meets pet shop assistant KAYAN (CHOW LAI KI) and soon mesmerized by her endearing personality. YAN who works at a coffee shop meets the romance comic artist KWAN (TONG SZE WING, NATALIE). Mistaking that KWAN as a rich girl, YAN decides to pursue her but ended up falling into a love trap.

Casts: Cheng Ka Wing, Chow Lai Ki, Wong Chung Chak, Tong Sze Wing, Natalie

Memorable Titles: Kay Moon Gwal Guk

Premieres 15 Dec Weekdays 6:00pm

During the Spring Autumn Period, BEN (AU SHUI WAI) and KUEN (WONG YAT WA) are close friends studying martial arts and military strategies under Master QUI(PAK YING). BEN’s uncle, KIU, is killed by assassin YIN (WONG YEE KUM). BEN needs to find LAN for the book “The Art of War”, but when BEN arrives, LAN was killed. LAN’s daughter HEUNG (CHENG YIM FUNG) is left with BEN to take care of. CHING (MIMI KUNG) also comes to Master QUI when her father was killed. Living under the same roof, BEN, KUEN, HEUNG and CHING developed a complicated love relationship.

Casts: Au Shui Wai, Wong Yat Wa, Wong Yee Kum, Cheng Yim Fung, Mimi Kung

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2011.12.19 @ TVB Xing He: What's News



125日起 每週一至五 晚上10:00首播


演員:陳 豪、黃宗澤、林 峯、鍾嘉欣、楊怡、蒙嘉慧、李司棋、夏


1211日起 每週日 正午12:00首播




每週日 晚上8:00首播




1215日起 每週一至週五 晚上6:00首播




TVB Xing He 2011 Nov Programme Highlight

2011.10.28 @ TVB Xing He: What's News


Xing He Drama Fan Club: Healing Hands II

Premieres 17 Nov weekdays 7:00pm

CHANG CHI MEI (LAWRENCE NG KAI WAH) has always been accompanying TONG CHI LAI (ADA CHOI SIU FUN) after she fell into a coma. His love attracts HO SUM YIN (YOYO MUNG KA WAI), who is the girl friend of LAM MUN CHI (CHAN HO). KONG SUN YUI (FLORA CHAN WAI SHAN) and LAI KWOK CHU (BOWIE LAM) are couple, but CHU had a secret affair with YU LONG PING (KIT CHAN KIE EE), and the news of PING’s pregnancy shocked CHU……

Cast: Lawrence Ng Kai Wah, Yo Yo Mung Kai Wai, Bowie Lam, Chan Ho

Drama Espresso: Detective Investigation Files III

Premieres 26 Nov Saturdays 6:00pm

An even more thrilling succession to the second series, the “Detective Investigation Files III” continues to depict mysterious murder cases solved by YUNG (DAO DAI YU) and YI (LEUNG WING CHONG). While at the same time, the entangling relationship between YUNG and CHIT (KENIX KWOK) is further complicated by the emergence of TUNG (MONICA CHAN). On the other hand, YI is torn between MEI (KAREN TONG), SA SA (YEUNG YUN YEE) and LUNG (CHUNG KAI KAI)…

Casts: Dao Tai Yu, Kenix Kwok, Leung Wing Chung, Monica Chan, Karen Tong

Passion under the Sky: Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love

Premieres 1 Nov weekday 9:00pm

VINCENT (CHEUNG KA FAI, NICK) falls in love and marries ARWEN (MAGGIE CHEUNG HO YEE) in a cruise voyage, but their short and sweet marriage finally ends with a misunderstanding. Unexpectedly, they meet again in their work place, and become an argumentative couple. VINCENT introduces WAH (AU KAM TONG) to ARWEN. However, when he finds out that WAH plans to cheat ARWEN’s money, he stop him and save ARWEN. Although ARWEN is touched by VINCENT’s true care and love, she decides to go on a cruise ship and leave Hong Kong……

Casts: Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Joyce Tang Lai Ming,

Kung Fu Classics: The Return of Luk Siu Fung

Premieres 28 Nov Weekdays 8:00pm

While investigating a gem robbery case, FUNG (MAN TSZ LEUNG) was unluckily got involved into the dilemma between two largest sect in China, the western sect ‘Red Shoes’ and the mainland sect. FUNG and his friend SUET (WAI TIN CHI) and LOU eventually crack the case, but they find it hard to mediate the fights between two sect. Meanwhile, FUNG has fallen into a love triangle with TSING (REBECCA CHAN) and PING (KING TOI YAM), how will he manage these crisis and dilemmas?

Casts: Man Tsz Leung, Rebecca Chan, Wai Tin Chi, King Toi Yam

Memorable Titles: Love and Passion

Premieres 3 Nov weekdays 6:00pm

In 1920s, the romance sparks off between YUEN TING SAM (TSE YIN) and CHONG MONG DIP (LISA WANG MING CHUN). However, their love is forbidden by their families, so they decide to leave and go to Shanghai. After the ups and downs they have during the WWII, their marriage is finally accepted by their families. On the other hand, DIP’s adopted brother NGAI (LUI LEUNG WAI) turned his love to DIP into the hatred towards SAM, even though he has a nice wife and daughter, he insists to take revenge on SAM. Years later, while the son of SAM and the daughter of NGAI met and fell in love, the forbidden love story repeats again……

Cast: Lisa Wang Ming Chun, Tse Yin, Lui Leung Wai, Tsang Kong

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