TVB Xing He 2013 May Programme Highlight

2013.05.02 @ TVB Xing He: What's News, What's News


Applause Museum: Top Cop

May 20  Mon- Fri  6:00pm

Keung (Lau Sik Ming) discovers his supernatural power after he was nearly killed by a gun shot. Yin (Kwok Tsun On) used to be good friend of Keung, but he soon turns against Keung out of his jealousy to Keung’s supernatural power. When Keung and Yin falls in love with the same girl, the relations between them is worsened, and a battle of supernatural power is about to begin…

Cast: Lau Sik Ming, Kwok Tsun On, Wing Lam, Pang Ka Lai


Xing He Drama Fan Club: Dream of Colours

6 May  Mon – Fri  7:00pm

Renowned fashion designer NICK YAU (TSE KWAN HO) has high expectations on new designers MICHELLE KU (WU, MYOLIE), PHOEBE LUI (LI CHOI WA, RAIN) and ELLA KWAN (CHAN MAN CHI, SHARON). MICHELLE, PHOEBE and ELLA are talented and have great potential but there are considerable difficulties to overcome before their rise to fame. As time goes by, NICK and MICHELLE have developed a genuine affection for each other. Nick ‘s girlfriend, top model ELAINE POON (NG MEI HENG, MELISSA) is heartbroken and decides to be with MARIO LAW (SINN LAP MAN). How will overcome all these obstacles in love and career?

Cast: Tse Kwan Ho, Myolie Wu, Melissa Ng, Rain Li, Sharon Chan


Land of Love: Country Spirit

3 May  Mon-Fri  8:00pm

SHUNG (Lam Ka Tung) has been adapted by the wealthy KOO family since he was young, but he is always despised and bullied by others. The Koo family decides to set up a marriage for the missing son SAN, and FANG (Shen Charmaine), the ferry worker, is chosen to be the bride. At the beginning, FANG is not good with the KOO Family, however, SHUNG tries to mediate the disputes between FANG and the family, and work together to manage the family and the factory. When their love starts sparkling, SAN suddenly comes home. Can SHUNG and FANG shed their moral burden?

Cast: Lam Ka Tung, Sheh Charmaine, Tang Shui Man, Yuen Wah


Serial Drama: The Bund III

25 May  Sat  6:00pm

The story continues from the ending of The Bund II and chronicles of Ting Lik (Ray Lui) as the master of the triad world of Shanghai. GAY SIN YUNG (Wong Yuen Sun) works for triad master Lai Ling after he graduated from the college, however, his girlfriend, YIP CHAN YING (Au Yeung Pui San) works for the other triad master, Ting Lik. How will YUNG and YING manage the obstacles in their relation and career?

Cast: Ray Lui, Susanna Au-yeung, Wong Yuen Sun


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