TVB Xing He 2013 Feb Programme Highlight

2013.01.28 @ TVB Xing He: What's News, What's News


Xing He Drama Fan Club: Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion

Premieres 4 Feb Mon-Fri 7pm

FUNG HANG LIT(Raymond Lam) escapes from the devilish master PONG PAN (KWOK JING HUNG) and on the way he is saved by swordsman HON PAK (WONG CHUNG CHAK, BOSCO) and his junior sister TSUN MUNG YIU (Charmaine Sheh). LIT then discovers that he is a Mongolian prince of Yuan. To reinstate the extinct Yuan Empire, LIT practises the “Rain-ceasing Sword Routine” to fight against the powerful “Cloud Ruling Sabre Routine” of PAK, the loyal friend of the Ming Emperor…

Cast: Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Keung Tai Wai


Land Of Love: Down Memory Lane

Premieres 6 Feb Mon-Fri 8pm

Kindhearted worker WONG (Man Tsz Leung) irritates his boss for the sake of his friends SHAN (Lam Man Lung) and SHUI (Lam Ka Wa). SHAN is then sold to Indonesia as a slave and separated from his wife LAN (Michelle Yim). SHAN encouters “Mail Order Bride” LO SIU YIN (Kenix Kwok) in the slavery camp; however, their blossoming love upsets the jealous SHUI…

Cast: Man Tse Leung, Michelle Yim, Lam Man Lung, Kenix Kwok, Lam Ka Wah


Sunday Tornado: Man in Charge

Premieres 17 Feb Sun 8pm

Young official PING (Ma Kwok Ming) finds the corrupt officialdom intolerable and stays idle all day with the adorable tavern owner HAN (Leila Tong). PING then becomes an advisor to the new government official POK (Matthew Ko) and the two become good friends. PING discovers the secret of POK’s birth by chance. To protect himself, POK starts making use of PING’s wife HING (Kate Tsui). Until now, PING has no idea that his beloved wife is in fact an imperial spy…

Cast: Ma Kwok Ming, Kate Tsui, Matthew Ko, Leila Tong


Authentic Heroes: Just Love II

Premieres 22 Feb Mon-Fri 10pm

Career-minded magistrate MAN (Hsuan Jessica Hester) gains full support from her husband KWONG (Sunny Chan) so that she is able to concentrate fully on her works. At court, MAN tackles every challenge confidently. At home, she never bothers about the household duties nor complaints from mother-in-law. MAN just takes things for granted but fate convinces her that law cannot be applied to every situation…

Cast: Hsuan Jessica Hester, Chan Kam Hung, Hui Shiu Hung, Tang Lai Ming,Tong Sze Wing


Laughers Showers: The Poor Rich Man

Premieres 23 Feb Mon-Fri 6pm

Insurance sales MAN (Ha Yu) is fired by his boss FRANCO’s (Bobby Au Yeung) but lucky he wins a three-hundred-million bet. MAN runs his real estate business with FRANCO’s help and becomes a billionaire. Enormous wealth corrupts MAN’s mind and departs him from friends and lover (Yammie Lam). While MAN is facing the toughest challenge in life, the betrayal of FRANCO kicks him into the hardest time for life…

Starring: Ha Yu, Yammie Lam, Lam Sheung Mo, Cheung Fung Nay, Bobby Au Yeung, Ngai Yee Ching


The Other Side of the Horizon

Premieres 25 Feb Mon-Fri 7pm

Prestigious martial clan Wudang send followers WAN (Andy Lau) and PAK (Ng Kai Wah) to go undercover in the “Devil Land”, a place inhabited only by evil people. However, WAN soon falls for its leader’s daugher KEE (Angie Chiu), and the ideal and peaceful belief of their people. However, the Land has finally been destroyed for PAK’s tricks. WAN suffers from a guilty conscious. When the truth has been made known to WAN that his father is SHAN, he swears to reconstruct the Devil Land. A deadful fight is soon breaking out…

Cast: Andy Lau, Angie Chiu, Ng Kai Wah


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