TVB Xing He 2013 Jan Programme Highlight

2013.01.02 @ TVB Xing He: What's News, What's News


Sweetness in the Salt

Premieres 31 Dec Mon- Fri 7:00-8:00pm

NIP CHI YUEN (Ma Steven), a government official, approaches the daughter of the chief smuggler, TAU SING SUET (Yeung Yi), and successfully destroyed the gang. SUET is heartbroken about YUEN, but she soon feels comforted after she met WU TING HIN (Wong Ho Yin), a salt trader. However, their love is destined to be forbidden because of her identity….

Cast: Steven Ma, Yeung Yi, Wong Ho Yin, Ngo Ka Nin


Love and Again

Premieres 7 Jan Mon-Fri 9:00-9:55pm

WING (MICHAEL TSE) was mistakenly certified to be dead because of a reckless dark angel. Although he successfully gets back to earth, he has to stay in the body of WAH who meant to die. As his wife YUE (SONIJA KWOK) can only see him as WAH, she hates him and blames him for her husband’s death. Meanwhile, WAH’s spirit is seizing to get his body back……

Cast: Michael Tse, Sonija Kwok,  Alex Fong, Moses Chan


Plain Love

Premieres Jan 9 Mon-Fri 8:00-8:55pm

Choi (Kathy Chau) was bought by landlord Yu as his youngest daughter-in-law-to-be, and was bullied by others in the household. After the death of her husband, Choi was forced to marry Kan (Gallen Lo). When her live settles, Kan was recruited into the army. Choi was left alone to wait for his return…

Starring: Kathy Chau, Gallen Lo, Eddie Cheung


Legal Entanglement

Premiers Jan 16 Mon-Fri 10:00-11:00pm

YEE (KENIX KWOK) always sad about losing the custody of her son after her divorce. Moreover, she does not like LONG (HECKEN LEE), the lawyer of her ex-husband, at first, but as times goes by, she falls in love with LONG. Meanwhile, YEE meets her son again, but this time can she gets her son back?

Cast: Hecken Lee, Kenix Kwok, Michael Tse


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