TVB Xing He 2012 Nov Programme Highlight

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Authentic Heroes: Survivor’s Law

Premieres 31 Oct Mon-Fri 10:00-11:00pm

Four young lawyers ROBIN (Raymond Lam), CHANNING (Myolie Wu) , RAYMOND (Sammuel Chan) and CYLIA(Bernice Liu) from different backgrounds join a law firm. They soon become good friends, but it does not take them long to fall into a huge love whirlpool. Soon later, ROBIN finds out that RAYMOND’s father is the mastermind behind a crime, the two old buddies turn their backs on each other and start representing opposing clients. Meanwhile, the love of ROBIN and CHANNING is put to the test when they are assigned a sex scandal case…

Cast: Lam Raymond; Myolie Wu; Sammuel Chan; Bernice Liu


Xing He Drama Fan Club: Angels of Mission

Premieres 5 Nov Mon-Fri 7:00-8:00pm

The Police Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU) gathers intelligence to fight against terrorist attacks. Three beautiful female officers, SAM (KWOK SONIJA), FA (SHEH CHARMAINE) and BO BO (YEUNG SZE KI, SHIRLEY), who have different personalities, are outstanding members of this unit. SAM is a Chief Inspector in CTU. She is decisive and never mixes personal matters with work. FA is good at martial arts and enthusiastic in her job. However, she can be very short-tempered. BO BO is a fresh graduate from the cadet school. She is very accurate at shooting, but she has no ambition at work. These three angels are good friends and partners. In ‘Angels of Mission’, they unite to fight terrorism.

Cast: Charmaine Sheh; Sonija Kwok; Shirley Yeung; Tam Yiu Man


Laughter Showers: Angel’s Call

Premieres 17 Nov Sat 6:00-11:00pm

One day, ordinary man KEI (Hacken Lee) encounters an Angel (Chow Man Kin) who falls from the sky accidentally. Coveting the wealth and heavenly power, KEI takes Angel home but is soon disappointed to find out that a powerless angel in mortal world only stirs up troubles. KEI’s love life and his elderly worker girlfriend SHAN (Anita Yuen), at the meanwhile, are facing challenges from the real estate agent siblings KONG (Wong Yat Shan) and YAN (Amy Fan). Poor and stressful KEI has to secure his love, his troublesome angel friend, and the home shelter of his elderly buddies at the same time…Angel or man, life is not easy at all…

Cast: Hacken Lee; Anita Yuen; Chow Man Kin; Rain Lau


Anniversary Special: Moonlight Resonance

Premieres 14 Nov Mon-Fri 8:00-9:00pm

Moonlight Cake Shop’s couple owners HO (Lee Sze Kei, Louise) and CHO (Ha Yu) break up when the CHO is discovered committing adultery with his wife HO’s best friend HUNG (Yim, Michelle). HO brings along her children to set up another cake shop for a living. Soon after, her younger sister SA (Kwan Kuk Ying, Susanna) entices HO to fight back the ownership of Moonlight Cake Shop’s brand name. Apart from the cake shop business, HO’s eldest son KA (Chan Ho, Moses) indulges himself on stock trading and the love game with cousin MEI (Tsui Tsz Shan, Kate) and foster-sister YUET (Yeung Yi). Youngest son WING HO (Lam, Raymond) is filial and hard-working. However, his childhood lover CHAU (Linda Chung) has an affairs with a handsome doctor SHUN (Wong Chung Chak) and WING HO is heartbroken. A time when human nature, family bonds and love are all brought to a trail finally comes…

Cast: Moses Chan; Raymond Lam; Lee Sze Kei; Ha Yu; Michelle Yim; Susanna Kwan


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