Released Drama - Divas In Distress

2012.09.05 @ What's News


Divas In Distress

Casting: Liza Wang, Gigi Wong, Chin Ka Lok, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Eliza Sam, Lee Sing Cheong, Mimi Chu

Executive Producer: Poon Ka Tak  Scriptwriter: Chan Kam Ling

Striving for temporary superiority over one another, retired TV actresses SHEUNG YING-HUNG (Liza Wang) and MIU SING-HO (Gigi Wong) have had ruptures in their relationship as fellow students for thirty years.

They basically would not have contacted each other should their master – FUNG HANG-MAN (Chung King Fai) not got in between them from time to time.  Ironically SING-HO’s son - CHONG KA-LONG (Chin Ka Lok) married YING-HUNG’s daughter, who risked her life to have a baby then died giving birth, leaving YING-HUNG grief-stricken.  Fate has it that KA-LONG encounters HEUNG NAI-HING (Eliza Sam), who is a TV reporter from a wealthy family.  While SING-HO advocates KA-LONG to remarry, YING-HUNG deliberately sabotages it.  On the other hand, YING-HUNG devotes all her attention to cultivate her son, CHAK YAU-SING (Him Law).  To her surprise, he falls in love with SING-HO’s niece KWAI YEE-HEI (Mandy Wong), a construction worker.  Not wanting her son to follow in her daughter’s footsteps, YING-HUNG is resolved to create difficulties for them.  Ongoing hatred towards each other is fuelling the conflicts between YING-HUNG and SING-HO, enmeshing their children in an awkward predicament.   How they wish their mothers would not continue like that!