Released Drama - Sergeant Tabloid

2012.04.02 @ What's News


Sergeant Tabloid

Casting: Niki Chow, Michael Tse, Mandy Wong, Matthew Ko, Oceane Zhu, Koni Lui, Grace Wong, Hui Shiu Hung

Executive Producer: Cheung Kin Man Scriptwriter: Kwan Ho Yuet

Thirty-something sergeant LUI FEI-HAP (Niki Chow) from the Emergency Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force has been let down by love too many times. So when the man she finds perfect shows up she jumps to the opportunity to hunt him down.

Never has she expected that he is a drug baron. To make things worse, tabloid reporter LAM YAT-YAT (Michael Tse) has been following them, and their relationship hits the headlines. HAP finds herself in love with new recruit WONG TZE-TSUEN (Matthew Ko) before long. But again, YAT tries hard to stand in her way. It turns out that her father, LUI CHUN-NAM (Hui Shiu Hung), is the mastermind of all this and YAT is his accomplice. On the other hand, HAP is at odds with her supervisor, SZETO KIU (Mandy Wong), which means her days are spent trying to outdo KIU. Pushed to her limit both at work and at love, this bizarre female cop has no choice but to fight back for the name of love!

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