Released Drama - Queens Of Diamonds And Hearts

2012.03.30 @ What's News


Queens Of Diamonds And Hearts

Casting: Kwok Chun On, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Ben Wong, Raymond Cho, Kitty Yuen, Koni Lui

Executive Producer: Wong Wai Sing Scriptwriter: Wong Kwok Fai

KING SUEN of CHAI (Kwok Chun On) pays visit to revered recluse CHUNG MO-YIM (Fala Chen) for advice of how to restore the reputation of the state. Without really thinking, he swears to agree with whatever she wants as a reward.

Her request puts him in an awkward situation, as he has already promised great beauty HA YING-CHUN (Sharon Chan) that he will make her the queen. Taking the advice of AN YING (Louis Yuen), the official censor at court, he crowns YIM the Queen of the Eastern Palace and CHUN the Queen of the Western Palace in the end so as to settle their struggle. While YIM sincerely wants to help him rule, CHUN is waiting for a chance to take her revenge. Whatever their intention, the two queens use every trick to outdo the other. Although KING SUEN is obsessed by CHUN’s beauty, he dares not offend YIM, who is clever and resourceful. Then one day, a rare planetary alignment appears in the sky, resulting in a swap in their identity as well as endless fun and laughter!

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