TVB Xing He 2011 Aug Programme Highlight

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Summer Loving: Colours of Love

TX Time: Premieres 15 Aug Weekdays 9:00pm

‘Colours of Love’ is based on a popular radio play, starred by SAMMY LEUNG and many young idols. It consisted of ten different love stories, not only are they romantic, but also surprising and touching. Love may starts at only one sight, but also can be ended by a single word, which is always out of our control and expectations. In this summer, SAMMY LEUNG will show you the brilliant and flourishing colours of love……

Cast: Sammy Leung, Miriam Yeung, Charlene Choi, Denise Ho, Stephy Tang, Ivana Wong

Summer Loving: Hearts of Fencing

TX Time: Premieres 22 Aug Weekdays 9:00pm

A brand new semester of Shung Ngai High School just begins, freshman LOK (LI YAN LONG) soon becomes the star of fencing club. CHING (TONG SZE WING), MAN (YIU ELAINE) and NAM (WONG RACE) are reporters of the school magazine, and they are ambitious to make their magazine it successful. LOK’s twin brother YAT (LAI LOK YI) is a peaceful person who does not want to be involved in any competition, including his favorite sports, fencing, and his dream girl, NAM. However, it seems that he has no choice but to fight because of his classmate DON (EDDIE LI YU YEUNG).The Inter-school Fencing Championship is coming, can they successfully overcome the challenges?……

Cast: Lai Lok Yi, Li Yan Long, Wong Race, Tong Sze wing, Eddie Li Yu Yeung

Xing He Drama Fan Club: Survivor’s Law II

TX Time: Premieres 25 Aug Weekdays 7:00pm

SUN MAN KWAN (MA KWOK MING) is an ambitious lawyer, and his unconventional working attitude has impressed his colleagues, CHEUK WAI MING (CHAN KIN FUNG), so they become very good friends. The rich and young lawyer SUEN LEI LEI (ELLA KOON) despised KWAN because of her misconception towards him, but after she was rescued by KWAN, she then falls in love with him. However, fate mistakenly turns MING and her to be lovers. Meanwhile, the ex-girlfriend of MING, CHENG CHOI YUK (LEE SZE WAN) has an unexpected pregnancy…

Cast: Ma Kwok Ming, Chan Kin Fung, Ella Koon, Lee Sze Wan

Kung Fu Classics: The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils I

TX Time: Premieres 22 Aug Weekdays 8:00pm

DUAN YU (TONG CHUN YIP) the prince of the Dai Li monarchy, a young lad of humanity and have no interest about kung fu, but by accident he had a chance to learn some supreme kung fu. YU then met KUO FUNG (LEUNG KA YAN), a righteous man, who led the Beggar Clan. FU has a close female friend WU YUNG CHU (WONG HANG SAU), descendant of the fallen WU YUNG monarchy. Because of fate the 3 youngsters from extreme backgrounds met, but because of family rancor, they fought massive fights and eventually built to an intensely dramatic climax.

Casts: Leung Ka Yan, Tong Chun Yip, Wong Hang Sau, Chan Yuk Lin

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