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Passion under the Sky: Marriage of Inconvenience

TX Time: Premieres 20 June, Weekdays 9:00pm

The candid KONG HOI-CHUEN (AU YEUNG CHUN WAH) meets MIU LING (ANGELA TONG), who has just been disappointed in love. CHUEN gets LING to recover from her failed love and six months later, they decide to get marry. Soon after, CHUEN finds out that LING is seeing her ex-lover. Burnt with anger, CHEUN decides to divorce LING. But LING refuses to move out. CHEUN has no choice but to arrange a fake marriage with ZHAO YANG (LEUNG CHING KEI) to fight LING. Living under the same roof, CHEUN fell for both LING and YANG, putting him in an extreme dilemma.

Casts: Au Yeung Chun Wah, Angela Tong, Leung Ching Kei, Wong Ho Yin

Xing He Drama Fan Club: Steps

TX Time: Premieres 16 June, Weekdays 7:00pm

Dance lover LEE SUM-YING (BERNICE LIU) is going for audition in the dance company. But before the audition, her leg was injured by CHING KA-TSUN’s (STEVEN MA) at a supermarket, and affected YING’s performances in the audition. TSUN’s mother invites YING to teach Latin dance at a local community center, in hope that she can save up money for studying abroad.

On the other hand, TSUN’s boss needs their staff to learn dancing to improve their health. YING is hired as their teacher. TSUN who has some knowledge in dancing, has soon resumed his interest. YING and TSUN gradually developed a close bond and decided to take part in an international dance competition as partners.

Casts: Bernice Liu, Steven Ma, Tsui Tsz Shan, Lai Yiu Cheung, Chen Fa La

Acquired Drama Attractions: 38 Lady

TX Time: Premieres 26 June, Sundays 6:00pm

The enchanting single lady FEI (DAI JIAO QIAN) has always been boys’ dream girl, but as time goes by, this victor also has to face herself turning thirty. In a car accident, FEI meets her new boss CAN. At work FEI helps this make-do boss in everyway she could, and gradually CAN fell in love with FEI. When CAN faces usurpation in the company, FEI even give up their relationship to help CAN through. For all that this single lady sacrifices, will she eventually be rewarded with true love?

Casts: Dai Jiao Qian, Huang Wei De, Mung Ka Wai, Qian Yong Chen

Master Mind: Game of Deceit

TX Time: Premieres 27 June, Weekdays 8:00noon

The wicked CHING (CHEUNG KA FAI) and JIAN, (CHIN KA LOK) deceive to earn a living. Unexpectedly, they disclosed LUN’s (HSUAN JESSICA HESTER) female identity who is the owner of a famous adjusting agent. LUN forces CHING to marry her so to protect her adjusting agent’s reputation.

CHING then becomes the person in-charge of the adjusting agent. Though CHING and LUN are enemies at the beginning, they gradually become lovers.

Casts: Cheung Ka Fai, Chin Ka Lok, Hsuan Jessica Hester, Cheung Yuk Shan

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