Released Drama - Relic of An Emissary

2011.04.11 @ What's News


Relic of An Emissary

Casting: Joe Ma, Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Sammul Chan, Elanne Kwong, Chan Shan Chung, Chan Chin Pang, Lau Kong  

Executive Producer: Wong Wai Sing  Scriptwriter: Wong Kwok Fai  Choi Shuk Yin

The founder and first emperor of the Ming Dynasty CHU YUEN-CHEUNG has passed away. CHU WAN-MAN (Chan Shan Chung), who is the son of his designated heir, is made his successor. MAN’s bodyguard NGO SIU-FUNG (Michael Tse) is ordered to search for CHEUNG’s lost will. In the course of his investigation, he gets to know the Prince of Yin CHU TAI’s (Joe Ma) counselor MA SAM-PO (Sammul Chan). FUNG and PO appreciate each other, but FUNG reminds himself not to drop his guard, as TAI is coveting the throne of MAN. FUNG loses his memory on a mission and has turned from a cruel person into a man with sympathy. PRINCESS WING-YEUNG (Elanne Kwong) never likes brocade guards. She tells PO, a good friend of hers, to guard against FUNG.

MAN still thinks very highly of FUNG, but FUNG has become distrustful since his accident. And for reason he does not know, he finds the mysterious SHUM TSIN-SAM (Kate Tsui) and TAI, who is a deep person, very familiar. Later when he comes to know a secret on a mission to kill TAI, he is caught in a dilemma of feeling angry and guilty.