Released DVD & VCD - Colourful Life

2009.05.08 @ What's News


Colourful Life

The CHENG family has been running dyeing business for several generations. CHENG’s mistress, SHEUNG KWUN DAN FUNG (Wong Suk Yee, Gigi), has worked hard to keep both business and family in shape. She feels blessed to the marriages of her elder sons, CHI SHING (Law Mong), CHI POK (Yuen Siu Cheung) and CHI YUNG (Cheng Chung Kei, Ronald) but burdened from the youngest son CHI HIN (Lam Man Lung, Frankie) who has to marry a wild and untamed woman, DEON CHU (Man Chung Han), from a neighboring country in obedience to the decree.

The fact that HIN and CHU have very different personalities results in them always arguing and ridiculous. HIN feels lost when his true love CHAU MUNG SZE (Kwong Man Shun, May) has turned to someone else. CHU comforts HIN and they start loving each other. The CHENG family has offended government officials and ends up losing all its properties. HIN’s life is even in danger after a shocking secret is unveiled…