TVB Xing He 2011 Sep Programme Highlight

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Memorable Titles: A Friend in Need

TX Time: Premieres 8 Sep Weekdays 6:00pm

YAN (JACQUELINE LAW) joins a garment company, and soon becomes friends with her boss LING (JAIME CHIK). YAN was cheated by her boyfriend, but she luckily has MAN (LEON LAI)’s support and comfort. LING starts up a new business with YAN, however, her business soon faces financial crisis. Meanwhile, she finds her boyfriend YAM (SAM YAM) has fallen for YAN…

CastLeon Lai , Sam Yam , Jacqueline Law, Jaime Chik

Action Plot: Take My Word for It

TX Time: Premieres 19 Sep Weekdays 9:00pm

TUNG (BOBBY AU YEUNG CHUN WAH), KIT (KENIX KWOK HO YING), CHLOE (ANNIE MAN CHUNG HAN) and KWONG (JULIAN CHEUNG CHI LAM) are good teammates. KWONG has a crush on CHLOE, but his love seems hard to come true. KIT’s husband CHUNG (CHAN HO, MOSES) has an affair, and TUNG‘s legs was injured, unpredictably, warm supports bring love feelings between the two……

Cast: Bobby Au Yeung Chun Wah, Moses Chan Ho, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Kenix Kwok Ho Ying

Xing He Drama Fan Club: Lofty Waters Verdant Bow

TX Time: Premieres 22 Sep Weekdays 7:00pm

WAI (RAYMOND LAM) goes to the mainland in order to detoxify his internal evil power, he then meets two girl, NAM (MICHELLE YE) and WAH (RAIN LI CHOI WA). NAM, WAH and WAI have fallen into a love triangle, but WAI is forced to marry NAM to save WAH. NAM died in the wedding night, WAI finally realizes who his true love is……

Cast: Raymond Lam, Michelle Ye, Rain Li Choi Wa

Sunday Theatre: Corruption Doesn’t Cry

TX Time: Premieres 18 Sep Sundays 12:00noon

YAN (TANG SHUI MAN), LI (ESTHER KWAN) and LIN (SHEUNG TIN NGOR) were investigators of the ICAC. Yan was appointed to investigate a financial institution owned by CHONG (CHEUNG KWOK KEUNG). Although they have successfully got HIN (ALEX FONG) to be their witness, HIN’s life is threatened. Could YAN saved him in time?

Cast: Tang Shui Man, Esther Kwan, Sheung Tin Ngor, Alex Fong

Passion under the Sky: In the Realm of Success

TX Time: Premieres 6 Sep Weekdays 9:00pm

YIN (STEVEN MA CHUN WAI) is ambitious to develop his career in hospitality industry, but he always brings trouble to his team. KI (NADIA CHAN CHUNG LING) wishes for a peaceful life, but her dream seem hard to come true because of the troublemaker YIN. MAN (MICHAEL TONG)’s rebranding plan is interrupted by his brother, can he manage the dilemma with family and colleagues?

Cast: Steven Ma Chun Wai, Nadia Chan Chung Ling, Michael Tong

Acquired Drama Attraction: Family, Nth Power

TX Time: Premieres 18 Sep Sundays 6:00pm

CHU MU (ZHU YU CHEN)’s mother WEN NAN (SONG DAN DAN) remarried for the 3rd time, this time to a rich man XUE. CHU MU feels uneasy to adapt to this rich family; moreover, he becomes an intern in his family’s rival company, which causes more conflict in the family. But things changes when MU’s step sister XUE ZHI LI (GAO LU) comes back from abroad. The XUE family company then faces severe financial crisis, but with the co-effort of CHU MU and ZHI LI, the family once again get back on their feet. After these crises, CHU MU and ZHI LI find themselves mutually attracted to each other but somehow they know that this love is destined to fail. Can MU and LI overcome their challenges and confront their true feelings for each other?

Cast: Zhu Yu Chen, Song Dan Dan, Gao Lu, Wang Zi Wen, He Gang

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