Released DVD & VCD - Beautiful Cooking Sr.2 (Part 1 - 3)

2009.08.06 @ What's News



Beautiful Cooking Sr.2 (Part 1 - 3)

Presented by a trio of comedians Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong and Edmond Leung, “Beautiful Cooking Sr. 2” continues to provoke laughter through a fusion of hot celebrities, tasty food and wicked humor!

Appetizers are tiny bites of pleasure that are prepared by gorgeous beauties. They then make designated dishes from a selection of crazy, wild and fresh ingredients that give shocks to everyone’s stomach. Upon tasting, the toughest critic will be delivered by the guest chefs as dessert. For after-dinner liqueurs, a keen cooking contest by young sweeties…it is definitely the most exquisite experience that can’t be missed!