四月 18

由 2017 年 4 月 17 日起,myTV 網頁會與 myTV SUPER 網頁整合,屆時 myTV 網頁會停止服務。用戶可即時免費登記成為 myTV SUPER「免費區」用戶,享受 myTV SUPER 精彩內容,包括隨時、隨地收看 TVB 5 條直播頻道(部份直播頻道提供 3 小時回看功能)、點播及重溫 TVB 黃金時段劇集、綜藝、飲食旅遊等節目。

立即按此登記成為 myTV SUPER「免費區」用戶

Starting from 17th April 2017, myTV website will be integrated to myTV SUPER website and myTV website will be closed. Register now as a myTV SUPER Free Zone user at free of charge to enjoy the vast volume and extensive choices of contents offered by myTV SUPER, including 5 TVB live streaming channels (Instant 3-hour playback feature is available for selected channels), the catchup of TVB prime-time dramas, variety and food & travel programmes etc.

Click here now and register as myTV SUPER “Free Zone” User

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