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二月 16


明珠台2月20日星期一晚9:40播映的《Mark Zuckerberg Inside Facebook》《 中文譯名:登入FB》紀錄片中,觀眾可以近距離認識今年只有27歲的Facebook創辦人Mark Zuckerberg傳奇上半生:如何由一名寂寂無名、在美國哈佛大學主修心理和電腦的大學生,因為創立Facebook,搖身一變成為億萬富翁。




Facebook is one of the world’s greatest social network giant. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is planning a US$5 billion (HK$39 billion) IPO in New York, valuing the company at up to US$100 billion.

《Mark Zuckerberg Inside Facebook》(on air date & time:20/2,9:40p.m,Pearl) will show you Mark Zuckerberg’s journey from Harvard psychology and computer science student to being the founder of one of the most influential new businesses in the world in seven action-packed years is the stuff of legend.

With an exclusive interview with Zuckerberg himself and access to Facebook’s offices in Silicon Valley and its most senior staff, this documentary tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg’s extraordinary rise, and examines his new challenge in combining his idealistic vision of a more open world with the business potential that Facebook now represents.

Facebook has already acquired more than 800 million users. Half of them log on to the site every day to communicate with family, friends, acquaintances, celebrities, businesses and brands. Now Facebook looks set to turn itself into the next high tech moneymaking machine.

Still only 27 years old, Zuckerberg has resolutely refused increasingly lucrative offers to buy the business – turning down a reported $15 billion from Microsoft, for instance. He has pursued a strategy of making it ever easier to share an increasing range of content on Facebook – from posting news and photographs, to playing games and downloading other apps.

The film follows his journey from Harvard university to the student house in Silicon Valley made famous in the Social Network movie. And it relates how he acquired investors and built the company from start-up to colossus in just a few short years.

Facebook is said to be worth up to $100 billion, but can its business model really justify the valuation? While the ad industry is buying into Facebook’s claims for the value of linking products with the recommendations of friends, some question the effectiveness of Facebook’s advertising model.

The film explains how Facebook can act as a giant market research database to target ads to specific groups of consumers, and why businesses now also appear on Facebook acting almost as people’s friends.

And it asks what all that time on Facebook is doing to our real-world relationships. We may stay in touch with more distant acquaintances, but what effect is that having on our closest relationships?

As the company heads towards a likely stock market flotation next year, the film examines the threats to Facebook, from Google and others, and assesses the critical role that Zuckerberg himself plays in determining its prospects.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

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