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2015.04.15 @ Taiwan

1993年9月28日,台灣本土第一個衛星電視頻道TVBS開播,將台灣帶進一個全新的媒體新世紀。因應各階層觀眾的需求,TVBS分別提供TVBS資訊綜合台、TVBS新聞台、TVBS歡樂台及TVBS Asia無線衛星亞洲台的精彩節目,入戶率逾九成八,穩坐台灣領導地位。

The first signal of TVBS wireless satellite TV was officially launched on 28 September, 1993. It was the first official voice of Taiwan satellite TV that led Taiwan into a brand-new media century. TVBS provides 4 channels, namely TVBS Infotainment Channel, TVBS News Channel, TVBS Entertainment Channel and TVBS Asia. Together they achieve a leading position in Taiwan with over 98% household penetration.

TVBS資訊綜合台 TVBS Infotainment Channel

TVBS不斷創新節目型態,一直是最受觀眾歡迎的頻道。《FOCUS 全球新聞》為黃金時段第一個以國際、財經新聞為主的新聞節目;《少康戰情室》、《麗文正經話》討論政經動態、民生議題;《看板人物》與你一起分享來賓成功經驗與人生故事;《健康2.0》透過健康新觀念,鼓勵大家動手做健康。

TVBS, constantly developing new programmes, remains the favourite among television viewers. Focus is the first-ever primetime news show that concentrates on international and financial news. Situation Room and Liwun’s Tough Talk discuss political and economic developments, topics that concern people’s livelihoods. People Insight lets viewers to take a glimpse of the success and life stories of the show’s special guests. Health 2.0 shares new ideas about health and wellness to get people more actively involved with their own health.

TVBS新聞台 TVBS News Channel

「新聞在哪裡,TVBS新聞台就在哪」,TVBS新聞頻道獲獎無數, 立足台灣,放眼世界。《一步一腳印,發現新台灣》深入報導新台灣人的堅持與生命力。《中國進行式》從台灣出發,帶領觀眾掌握中國現狀。TVBS新聞台,是最值得信賴的新聞頻道。

“Wherever there is news, TVBS News is there”. The TVBS News Channel has won innumerable awards, bringing global views to Taiwan. Discover New Taiwan Step by Step gives an in-depth look into the lives and struggles of people in Taiwan. China on the Move gives viewers a deep understanding of conditions in China from a Taiwan perspective. TVBS News is the news channel that people trust the most.

TVBS歡樂台 TVBS Entertainment Channel


TVBS Entertainment Channel has numerous entertainment programs. Lady First, Super Taste, Work… and Global Chinese Music take the lead in starting new trends and fashions. TVBS Entertainment Channel, well known as a big party organizer, established the “Amazing Moment, Amazing Taipei” annual New Year parties in cooperation with the Taipei City Government. The event has since become the biggest party nationwide at the annual festivities. In 2013, TVBS returned to the world of dramas. The station put together a cast of the best stars and combined it with an elite team of screenwriters and producers from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. With its breakthrough creative philosophy, TVBS has developed a new style that surpasses idol dramas, and has already created several hit dramas such as Dragon Gate; Mom, kiss; Rock ‘n’ Road; The way we were; and Boysitter, to become the centre for Chinese-language television content production.

無線衛星亞洲台TVBS Asia

TVBS Asia頻道為全球華人觀眾送上台灣最精緻、最多元、最活潑的娛樂資訊節目,豐富多樣的內容,全天候放送到全世界各地區,新加坡、馬來西亞、印尼、澳洲、紐西蘭、香港、澳門等地,是海外華人最喜愛的綜合頻道。

TVBS Asia brings Taiwan programming to Chinese all over the world. It provides the finest, most varied, and the liveliest in entertainment programs, chock full of different content. It broadcasts 24 hours a day to place all over the globe: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, and more. It is the favourite general entertainment channel of overseas Chinese.


TVB8播送範圍覆蓋全世界,收視全球無死角!它是MOD上 首個TVBS家族頻道,與唯一的港劇首播頻道,內容結合兩岸三地最新戲劇、娛樂、資訊性節目,是第一個同時擁有TVB與TVBS產品特色的全方位綜合性頻道。

The Only Chinese-Language Media Outlet that Covers the Entire Chinese-Speaking Market. TVB8 broadcasts all over the world, with viewers in every corner of the globe! TVB8 is the first channel from the TVBS family to be offered on MOD. It’s also the only channel to show first-run Hong Kong dramas. TVB8 broadcasts the latest dramas, entertainment, and infotainment programmes from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. It’s the first all-inclusive channel that offers products and features from both TVB and TVBS.