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2010.04.20 @ Taiwan TVBS


In addition to overseas satellite platforms, TVBI operates TVBS station in Taiwan which includes 4 channels. They are TVBS infotainment, TVBS-News, TVBS-G and TVBS Asia. Together they achieve a leading position in Taiwan by penetrating over 90% of viewers.

TVBS-News is the first and the leading 24 hours news channel in Taiwan presenting latest news to the public round the clock. We encourage the production of high-quality programmes and advocate humanity awareness, such as both “Discover New Taiwan Step by Step” and “Fast-food Oil Problem” have received recognitions in TV award ceremonies of Taiwan. We also take the initiative to concern the threat of global warming and make an in-depth documentary of the affected countries.

The most popular signature programme of TVBS, “Speaking Your Mind in 2100”, is establishing the first interactive call in live talk show to the Taiwan audiences. All the hot issues and key topics including “Taiwan Presidential Election” and “Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign”, TVBS-News has provided a large scale news reports and intensive resources continuously throughout the period. The channel also covers many popular news and informative programmes such as “Insight People”, “Discover New Taiwan Step by Step”, “Summit 101”, “News Night Club” and “National Assembly”.

TVBS-G is one of the most popular entertainment and drama channel in Taiwan. Its informative talk show such as the most-watched trendy and beauty infotainment programme “Lady First” and the leading indicator “Super Taste” of food & travel programme, featuring local and overseas cuisines, both garnered strong ratings. Among the celebrations of New Year Eve, “Taipei Count Down Party” is the most influential live TV show of its production and audience share in town. Furthermore, outstanding performance and production experience of international events such as “Taipei Film Festival” and “Asia Pacific Movie Festival” have kept us staying firm and strong as the leading role in the industry.

TVBS Asia is the only channel broadcasting 24 hours TVBS programmes outside Taiwan featuring programmes from TVBS, TVBS-News and TVBS-G. At present, the channel covers mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and North America. Audiences in these countries can enjoy infotainment and news of Taiwan round the clock!