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2011香港先生由(10) 李晉強(182票) 奪得


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  1. so do i 點解 -網誌熱搜"so do i 點解" (2011-07-21 08:38:05):

    [...] 2011香港先生誕生- 活動- 2011香港先生選舉- [...]

  2. 96328 (2011-07-18 18:23:12):


  3. youngj (2011-07-18 01:16:03):

    Deserving and obvious winner

  4. AmuletLuchia (2011-07-17 20:53:34):

    Sorry again! When I checked my comment, I have typed wrongly. “Who” I typed it as “wo”. Thank you for your attention!

  5. AmuletLuchia (2011-07-17 20:35:30):

    Two more things to say: I have typed “the” as “thel” by accident. gnz210, you said that my grammar and spelling is absolutely terrible but it seems that you clearly understood what I meant. So, that means my English is not as horrible as what you said!

  6. AmuletLuchia (2011-07-17 20:29:34):

    Reponse to gnz210: I’m 24912238, but I’ve changed my nickname. I have my own freedom to say whom I like and whom I hate, it’s none of your business! Moreover, I am just too furious with the judges so I typed and spelt wrongly! How can you be so sure that I don’t clearly know about no.10? Give me some evidence. Besides, your English is soooooooo poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know what? I am the top 3 in my English school! I don’t see your English is excellent. You have Chi-English: you said “How can you hate someone when you clearly don’t know him?” It should be “How can you hate someone when you don’t clearly know him?” Also, even for the first letter in a sentence, you didn’t capitalize it!!!!!!! Are you a native speaker?! Everyone has their own opinions to judge a person’s appearance.Do you dare say that in your whole life, you have never thought someone is ugly?! I think you are the one who took it so personally! From your second last sentence, it means that most of thel competitors have chok faces. You are the only one who said that No.10 had bowed humbly throughout the whole competition!So now, who are the one wo thinks personally?!

  7. wintvb (2011-07-17 17:07:47):

    其實應該一係1號或6號拎, 1號真係好靚仔不過身形唔夠6號嚟,係泳装環節,6號身形係最好,可惜必殺技環節2人選錯咗嘢表演,1號唔應該跳舞,應該表演藝術…而6號唔應該唱歌,應該表演跳舞,show muscle, 咁好身形真係浪費!!仲之,1號同6號好唔掋….輸比10號!!!希望TVB簽1號同6號成為旗下藝人,好似印尼醫生Marcus kwok咁,就算冇冠軍,都可以係TVB度做…佢哋2個咁有型,一定好收視.

  8. 10251314 (2011-07-17 13:25:22):


  9. auyeungpo (2011-07-17 02:20:02):

    真係唔明 1 號 點解拎唔到”香港先生”冠軍 , 口才好過佢, 身才又好過佢, 又識跳舞, 就連玩魔術都勁過10號啦, 10號有錢唔係大晒架~~~ 不停係 tvb 收買票數, 超賤格呀!!!! 10號咪扮傻仔啦, 一d 都唔激動, 分明收買左 tvb , 知自己拎緊冠軍, 拎獎時一d 激動都冇, 但 1 號就唔同, 又有自信, 佢知道要復活戰, 即刻表現出有幾想入圍既感覺~ 我鐘意 1 號, 我永遠支持你~ 1 號, 你會再係 tvb 出現嗎?

  10. hideikilim (2011-07-17 01:57:02):

    Benjamin Yuen, are you crazy till go to hospital check up ???????? Open your eye big big big big big big see contestant No. ( 1 ) is 100% wonderful, great ????????????????????

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