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這個泰國之旅將帶給香港小姐一個「飛」一般的體驗,因為在是次探訪的第七日,港姐們造訪了泰國的空軍基地,參觀基地內的空軍設施以及接受了由空軍人員帶領的體能操練和理論實習。經過一連串的講解後, 在當日的即場測驗中,湯洛雯在贏了冠軍並能獨自享受擔演飛機師的機會。

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  1. Lakewood (2012-08-14 17:11:14):

    Dear Carat Cheung: All the BEST on 26 August.

    Take Care yourself.

    Fans: Muswell Hill London England

  2. Lakewood (2012-08-14 17:05:29):

    Carat take it easy try to have more rest and eat well, you will have a great show on 26 August,

    Support Support.

    Fans: Vancouver BC Canada

  3. kklily (2012-08-14 10:54:58):

    I agree with nglisa12. Does Carat have so many fans from all of places? I don’t think so. I am really tire to see her message . Stop please, too much. I don’t think Carat will win. 翻胃.

  4. adafan (2012-08-14 09:37:33):


  5. Lakewood (2012-08-14 02:55:17):

    Dear Carat: Less than 2 weeks! Please take it easy and have more rest if you can,do not forget eat well.

    We all will vote for Carat and support you!!!

    Fans: All Corners Of The World

  6. Lakewood (2012-08-13 15:25:35):

    Carat Cheung: Do your best have a good show on 26 August.
    Take it easy and more rest.

    God Bless!

    Fans: Vancouver BC Canada

  7. interestguys (2012-08-13 14:00:52):

    Amy Cheung 張鈞美 加油 keep going be strong. You’re the best!
    lot of oversea fans support you.

  8. Lakewood (2012-08-12 16:11:54):

    Hello…….Carat. Good girl do your good show. Please bring The Gold Medal for us (Vancouver Canada) We all know you can do it!!


    Fans: Vancouver Canada

  9. Lakewood (2012-08-12 15:24:07):

    Carat Cheung: Do you BEST on 26 August.
    You are awesome!!!

    Fans: Surrey BC Canada

  10. kkhaha (2012-08-11 17:45:03):

    Gald to see Hillary on other girls’ fanpages..Hope to see her soon!

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