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  1. mccyuen (2012-07-31 17:49:04):

    Jacqueline 好勁,真係太靚,仲係碩士生!

  2. pemican (2012-07-31 16:02:16):


  3. pemican (2012-07-31 16:00:13):


  4. Lakewood (2012-07-28 05:03:29):

    Carat Cheung: Keep going , best of luck

    Your dream will come true

    Fans: All Corner Of The World

  5. sally888 (2012-07-27 22:32:41):

    We were wondering if Miss Hong Kong Top Ten contestent Amy Cheung’s talent portion would be available to view in its entirety, since the show only decided to air a small selection of her entire routine. Her NYU and American fans would love to be able to see all the effort and work she put in.
    It would behoove you as a company to perhaps attach each contestants Talent videos to their fanpage so that each performance could shine in its own right. Maybe they could even have the fans vote? This would increase participation between the fans online and your brand, which could only be a good thing as videos are often easier and more likely to be shared via online platforms. I understand this would be asking a lot, but at the very least it would be wonderful if Amy’s fans in particular could have access to her video at the very least.

    We’re all love to see Amy Cheung’s dance in TV and we love to see her sweet smile face…

    Thank you very much for your time.
    All the best and good luck!

  6. DBboss (2012-07-27 18:39:12):

    Jacqueline gogogo!!!

  7. Lakewood (2012-07-27 13:43:29):

    Carat Cheung: You are excellent!!! Keep going.

    Fans: All Over the World

  8. Lakewood (2012-07-27 13:43:18):

    Carat Cheung: You are excellent!!! Keep going.

    Fans: All Over the World

  9. rliuly (2012-07-27 10:31:24):

    個個post都關Caret事, 唔好o甘煩啦Lakewood, 只會令我地反感

  10. Lakewood (2012-07-27 09:27:24):

    Carat Cheung: Go Go do your best .
    You are a NO 1

    Fans :All Over The World

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