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十六位佳麗今天下午(7月13日)聚首電視城會見戲劇大師詹Sir詹瑞文,為即將來臨的決賽作準備。活動上大會率先播放了《2012香港小姐競選 選戰英倫》的花絮片段,十六位準香港小姐即場重溫了英國之旅的曾經點滴,而首集的《選戰英倫》亦將於明晚八時三十分正式首播。另外,詹Sir在活動上透露他會與每位佳麗逐一見面,釋放她們的自我性格,並揚言會教佳麗們應對技巧,挑戰決賽當晚司儀們的刁鑽問題。

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  1. Lakewood (2012-07-19 22:29:25):

    Carat Cheung:You did very well. Good work!

    We all support you and love you so much.


    Fans: All Corners Of The World

  2. rosa8888 (2012-07-19 21:43:32):

    Amy Cheung we love to see you in TVB show on July 14 at 8:30pm you doing great job.. We support you and love you from all USA friends and NYU friends. We are look forward to see next show July 21 at 8:30pm. Add Oil .

  3. Lakewood (2012-07-19 09:23:32):

    Hello…………..Carat: Enjoy your THAILAND trip.Best of LUCK!!!
    You are the BEST in our mind.

    Keep on going…………..Carat you are Top of the world!!!

    God Bless you!!!

    Fans: All Over The World

  4. Lakewood (2012-07-19 07:16:14):

    Carat : Your billboard keep on going UP UP LIKE LIKE

    Support Support !!!! You are the best!!!

    Fans: All Over The World

  5. Lakewood (2012-07-19 05:41:57):

    Hi Carat Cheung : Keep on going up……………..
    Go Go …………………….

    We all love you and big support you!!!

    Fans: All Over The World

  6. Lakewood (2012-07-19 04:36:20):

    Carat Cheung: Go Go you are excellent!!!

    Do not let us down!!!! You are the best one!!!

    You are a Champion 2012.

    God Bless!!

    Support Support!!! We all love you so much!!!

    Fans: All Corners Of The World

  7. 黄金爸爸 (2012-07-19 00:29:42):

    Carat, add oil, you are the best !

  8. 黄金爸爸 (2012-07-19 00:28:12):


  9. Lakewood (2012-07-18 04:08:53):

    Carat Cheung, you are a beauty is confidence,compassion, dedication to social issues an unshakable commitment to personal beliefs as strong independent and you are a capable woman.TVB the committee acknowledge you (Carat Cheung).
    The Champion Award 2012 Miss HK beauty : Is Carat Cheung.
    You are a winner. No need wait for August 26.

    Congratulations! Congratulations!


    Good Job………………

    Fans: All Over The World

  10. hello12324 (2012-07-18 01:43:39):

    Yaaa… Juz do yourself:)

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