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Video Pushdown Banner

  • 975 (W) x 300 (H) for Expanded Unit
  • 975 (W) x 100 (H) for Landing Unit at Super Banner
  • 975 (W) x 100 (H) Backup Image for Landing Unit at Super Banner

(Sample Link - myTV Index page)

  Expanded Unit                                                Landing Unit

 Format / Size: 

  • Expanded Unit: Video & Background
    - Video
      ~ .mp4 or .flv, maximum 2MB
    - Background Image
      ~ still image, .jpg, .gif, .png (transparent), maximum 50KB for .jpg & .gif or 300KB for .png
    * 2 types of display option for background image: “background” or ” overlay” (refer to “Background display” for the detail)
    ** Custom Expanded Unit with Flash file Format is allowed, .swf & .fla, maximum 300KB (refer to “Custom Expanded Unit” for the detail)
  • Landing Unit:
    Flash (.swf & .fla), maximum 50KB
  • Backup Image:
    Still image (.gif or .jpg), maximum 50KB

Video Resolution:

  • 16:9 (300W x 169H) or
  • 4:3 (300W x 226H)

Audio Setting:

  • Normal Peak: 5(-16dBFS)
  • Full Range: 2-6 (-28~ -12dBFS)
  • Audio Level - if audio is out of the above audio range, it would be rejected

Replay () and Close Button (): 

  • Replay button will display on right-bottom corner of Landing Unit by default that is set by tvb.com 

    Replay Button on Super Banner

    Replay Button on Super Banner


  •  Close button will display on right-bottom corner of Expanded Unit by default that is set by tvb.com 

    Close Button on Expanded Unit


Transition Background Color:

  • Transition Background Color will display during Expanded Unit collapse to Landing Unit.  The default color is Black
  • Customize color is allowed, client must provides Hexadecimal RGB value in #RRGGBB format (e.g. #FFFFFF (white))

Background Display:

  • Background
    - Format: .jpg, .gif, .png
    - The background image will be placed under the video player
    - With his option, the background image should be opaque while the video player will be displayed with 300 x250 rectangle shape
    * Download sample ad material
  • Overlay
    - Format: .gif, .png
    - The background image will be placed overlay the video player
    - With this option, the background image must be drew a transparent area for mask the video player that able to make different video shape e.g. round corner
    * Download sample ad material

Custom Expanded Unit:

  • Allow Advertiser to build their own creative layout with Flash format file instead of using default layout that provided by tvb.com
  • Require following ad materials:
    - Video, .mp4 or .flv, same as the above specification
    - Flash, .swf & .fla
       ~ dimension: 975 (W) x 300 (H)
       ~ file size: maximum 300KB
       ~ including background image and video player that is worked with same user behavior as default (refer to “Controls/ Guidelines“)
       ~ call the “timeOut” external JavaScript functin (provided by tvb.com) and pause the video at the end of playing video for auto close feature of the ad, e.g. ExternalInterface.call(”timeOut”);videoplayer.pause();
    * Download sample ad material

Control/ Guidelines:

  • Video of Expanded Unit
    - Audio must be muted by default and must be user initiated
    - A button for audio on/off is required in Flash SWF controller
       ~ while user moves mouse over a Video LREC, audio is ON
       ~ after user moved mouse away from a Video LREC, audio is OFF
    - Maximum duration: 30 seconds
  • Background of Expanded Unit
    - Maximum duration of Expanded Unit animation - video duration plus 5 seconds
    - Frequency capped at once per user per 6 hours for daily exclusive booking or once per user per day for impression based booking
    - User Experience:
       ~ display Expanded Unit for 5 seconds after video ended (without looping) and then pushes up and collapses to Landing Unit
       ~ Expanded Unit can be user initiated again by clicking the replay button

Flash Guidelines:

  • Flash version: 7, 8, or 9
  • Click TAG command must be attached to button object and called on Release
  • All text must be converted into image
  • For more details refer to Flash Spec & Guidelines

Submission Deadline:

  • All ads must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to campaign launch
  • 3rd party ad serving tag is not allowed




updated at 2013.05.27